Mexico's Lopez Obrador Team to Foreign Investors: He Won't Take Your Money

MEXICO CITY - Hoping to ease growing concerns among foreign investors, Mexico's leading presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has announced through his top economic advisers that he no plans to derail his nation's economic reforms and "fully supports" the North American Free Trade Agreement. With just 60 days left before the July 1st vote, the presidential race is clearly becoming a two-man contest between Lopez Obrador, the three-time presidential candidate who is a populist embracing left-leaning positions, and right-left coalition leader Ricardo Anaya. Anaya recently rejected the idea of building a political alliance with Mexico's ruling party and has threatened to strip its leader, President Enrique Peña Nieto, of legal immunity amid allegations of corruption. Lopez Obrador has in recent months indicated he wants to reverse economic and energy policies that have led to increased dependency on the United States, including oil exports, something that worries investors. He wants to review oil contracts because he suspects corruption. He also said he wants to cancel a $13 billion project to build a new airport for Mexico City. And he has said he hopes a NAFTA deal isn't finalized until after the July 1st elections.All that worries U.S. investors, especially as Lopez Obredor holds a double-digit lead in most polls.Now, the populist known in his nation as AMLO is changing his tune, appearing more measured and moderate.  Continue reading...

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