Meryl Streep Offers Textbook Example of Why Hollywood Is Reviled

In view of what follows, I should say that I disagree with Donald Trump about Meryl Streep being "overrated." From the "Holocaust" TV miniseries in 1978, through her 19 Oscar nominations and three wins, she has become, on film, a national treasure.At Sunday night's Golden Globes microphone, not so much.I could not care less about her politics or the views of all of the actors and musicians whose work I consume. But if they take a particular pleasure in spewing derisive venom at every American who shares my views, then, as the saying goes, silence is complicity.Wait, you may say -- her remarks were reserved only for Donald Trump. No sale. In a tirade as filled with malice and slander as her Globes speech, the message is clear: no decent human being could have voted for a monster such as she described.  Continue reading...

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