Melissa ISD Gun Policy Causes Alarm, Concern for Anxious Parents Who Say They Didn't Know About It

MELISSA — Some Melissa ISD parents are upset because they say they were caught off guard recently when they learned about a district policy that allows some school staff members to carry weapons while on campus.The parents say they learned of the policy only after several signs were posted at some Melissa ISD schools warning visitors that staff members are "armed and trained" and that they will use the "force necessary" to protect students. The signs were posted in the days after a February shooting at a Florida high school left 17 people dead. "I learned about this change in policy from a sign posted outside my child's school," parent Eliska Counce told the school board Monday. "Even though I have been assured since that this policy was created and implemented with transparency, it seems very odd that I and other involved parents I've talked with never heard about it over the supposedly considerably long time it was discussed, and we never knew it was happening."   Continue reading...

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