Meet Two Very Good Boys Sniffing Explosives at DFW Airport and Keeping Fliers Safe From Bad Guys

There's nothing Szultan and Bovli love more than to play, but when they roll into DFW International Airport with their handlers, it's all business. After all, there's nothing more serious than finding explosives intended for airplanes.Szultan and Bovli are two of 1,100 dogs the Transportation Security Administration uses to find explosives, bombs and dangerous materials at airports across the country. These two work-full-time at DFW and spend nights with their handlers.Both Hungarian Vizslas — Szultan, 4, and Bovli, 9 — are up for the job as long as they get a few seconds with their favorite chew toys when they make a find.Bomb-sniffing animals have become more common at airports across the country as the TSA tries to find new ways to thwart potential threats aboard airplanes. The canines spend most of their time roaming around public areas at the airport and sniffing passengers as they head through the TSA security line.TSA's dogs are trained only for explosives. Drug detection dogs are left to local law enforcement.The bomb-detecting dogs at DFW are one of several layers of safety the Department of Homeland Security has at airports, from bag screenings to passenger scans, said TSA spokeswoman Carrie Harmon.  Continue reading...

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