Meet the New Yorker Trusted With Resetting Dallas’ Old Red Courthouse Clock for Daylight Saving Time

To turn its clock tower forward for daylight saving time, staff at the Old Red Courthouse are bringing in some outside help.The courthouse will count on a man with more than 50 years of experience with adjusting clocks, repairing them, restoring them, springing them forward and turning them back.Clock expert Chuck Roeser of Lockport, N.Y., will spend most of the day Saturday working to spring forward the courthouse’s tower clock. He'll also perform some needed maintenance on the clock’s machinery.Roeser has worked on clocks across the world, including the Orange County Courthouse in Hillsborough, N.C., which King George III gave to the town in 1769. He also has served as a consultant on London's Big Ben and for the National Parks Service as its restoration of clock dials at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.Roeser’s love for clockwork dates to childhood, when his father and grandfather gave him a clock, igniting a lifelong fascination with the workings and assembly of clocks.When he married, Roeser's wife bought an old clock for their home and tasked him with repairing it, furthering his interest in the time-telling machines.  Continue reading...

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