Meet the Maverick Judge and Powerful Lawyers in AT&T's Case to Win Time Warner

AT&T Inc.'s fight to save its proposed $108.7 billion acquisition of Time Warner Inc. has moved to the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C., where a cast of lawyers for the companies and the government are facing off before U.S. District Judge Richard Leon.The stakes are high and the personalities high-powered. President Donald Trump's new antitrust chief — a former lobbyist and Capitol Hill staffer — upended expectations that the deal would sail through when he sued to block the merger just two months into his new job. Then there's the defense lawyer from Hollywood who represented former Enron chief executive officer Jeffrey Skilling; the woman who led the antitrust division under President Barack Obama and is now defending Time Warner; and a career Justice Department litigator fresh off a court victory blocking a merger between two of the biggest U.S. health insurers.   Continue reading...

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