Meet the Lyft Driver (and Spoken Word Poet) Who Took Social Media by Storm

Tro’juan Henderson has given more than 800 rides since starting as a Lyft driver in January. His everyday observations of his passengers inspired him to create #TalesFromTheLyft on Twitter and Facebook.But out of all of the moments he’s shared, one tale from mid-April got thousands talking. On that evening, Henderson received a Lyft request at a downtown Dallas hotel. Two women helped a third woman, who was extremely drunk, get into the car.“Here’s her key,” one of the women told Henderson.Henderson grew concerned. He felt uncomfortable with bringing the woman home and getting her into her apartment. But he did want to help get her home safely. “She’s really incoherent. Is there a reason that you two can’t ride with her? Since this is your friend,” he recalled telling the two women.He offered to give the friends a ride back to the hotel for free, as long as they got their friend into her apartment. But the two women didn’t want to drive across town with their friend.So Henderson refused to give the drunk woman a ride. She slept it off in the hotel. He described the incident on a Facebook video and then posted another video on Twitter.  Continue reading...

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