Meet the Keeper of the Stanley Cup, Who Guards the Championship Trophy With His Life

“Is it real?”That’s the No. 1 question Howie Borrow was asked while lugging around the 3 foot high, 37.5 pound NHL Stanley Cup trophy while visiting Dallas media outlets and local landmarks on Monday.“Of course, it’s real!” Borrow exclaims at every inquiry.Keeper of the CupBorrow has been given multiple nicknames over the years: Keeper of the Stanley Cup, The Stanley Cup Guardian, and Bodyguard of the Stanley Cup, but he prefers ‘babysitter.’“I say that jokingly, but it is a serious job,” said Borrow. “It’s something that requires some patience. You have to go with the flow sometimes.”Whether he’s a babysitter or a bodyguard, Borrow loves his job.“It’s amazing. It’s so many wonderful experiences,” said Borrow. “I get to travel around the world. I’m hanging out with the hockey players, I’m meeting new fans every day.”  Continue reading...

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