Meet Michelle Williams, the Woman Behind Dallas Entrepreneur Center's Expansion to Southern Dallas

For years, the Dallas Entrepreneur Center has been known as the place that hosts startup events and offers co-working space in the West End of downtown Dallas. As the nonprofit organization expands to southern Dallas, entrepreneurship centers will soon open at Southwest Center Mall, Paul Quinn College and the University of North Texas at Dallas. Michelle Williams will oversee programming and services as the executive director of the southern region.The main hub of the southern region will open in the summer near Southwest Center Mall, better known as Red Bird Mall. The shopping center will get new life with the entrepreneurship center, new offices, a Marriott Courtyard, green space and upscale apartments. The entrepreneurial incubator will open in a temporary space and later move into the mall. The two college entrepreneurship centers will open next fall. Williams, an education advocate, comes from Leadership ISD, a nonprofit organization that runs a program to teach civic leaders about public schools. She's also president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Urban League. She recently spoke about her new role at the DEC in the West End. Her comments have been edited for brevity and clarity.   Continue reading...

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