Media Is Giving neo-Nazis Plenty of Free Publicity

Somewhere, a tiny coven of neo-Nazis is high-fiving.For the price of a few ragtag banners and fliers, their noxious agenda has been spread over local news pages, splayed across America, and surely by now, there's a cabdriver in New Zealand who knows we had a white nationalist house call at Southern Methodist University.This presents a vexing dilemma in journalism. The story has to be covered, right? Even if it's just a handful of idiots who cranked out this ripple of hate speech, it can't be ignored. One of the things that makes an event newsworthy is its oddity, and we don't see poisonous messaging strewn around college campuses every day.In fact, there has been an uptick in attention paid to groups of this type as they have made some forays out of their usual caves in the recent past.  Continue reading...

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