McKinney Residents Still Giving Vocal Roadblock to Highway Bypass That Could Cut Through Homes

MCKINNEY — Homeowners in rural Collin County are protesting a potential new freeway that would likely relieve gridlock in busier northern suburbs, but divide their neighborhoods and cut through homes. But no one yet knows where — or even if — the highway will be built.That detail hasn't stopped residents fearful of a potential bypass north of U. S. Highway 380 from voicing their concerns. For the second time this year, dozens of them packed the McKinney City Council chambers Tuesday to tell the council, which includes a new mayor and three new council members: "Not in my neighborhood." "We want to remind the city leaders that we are still very actively engaged in this. We have not forgotten," resident Stephanie Weyenberg said. "And we are still not happy about a bypass that would take out homes."  Continue reading...

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