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King's legacy of serviceThe Sunday Points section was admirably devoted to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. To me, nothing was more clear than his message of service. He built his life on a foundation of service to others.Albert Einstein said, "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." As a member of the Addison Rotary Club for over 30 years, I am reminded every day of the motto of our organization: Service Above Self. The idea of service is the cornerstone of Rotary — an organization that has grown and thrived for 113 years.Rotary is one of many nonprofit, service-based organizations that rely on volunteer members to enhance lives and support the communities they serve. If you are looking for a way to include service in your life, look at Rotary or another service club. You will find a group of like-minded men and women who have incorporated serving others into their daily lives.Janet Meyer, Far North DallasFaith in goodRe: "King's history isn't finished — 'Letter From a Birmingham Jail' is just as true now as it was in 1963, says Joshua J. Whitfield," and "Let's be a leader in police-minority relations — Dallas' commitment is undeniable, and progress is essential, says Brian H. Williams," Saturday Viewpoints.I'm proud to read Whitfield's "King's history isn't finished" — a strong indictment of the religious community and general population's lack of progress regarding issues of race. Whitfield also reminds us of Martin Luther King's "Letter From a Birmingham Jail." However, I was left with a sense of no hope from Whitfield. Only did I understand it when I moved on to the photo of a street preacher (Saturday Metro, page 6B) blasting his hateful and bigoted message in the ear of a University of North Texas student. Such "preachers" were in Denton for a convention.Thankfully, Dr. Brian Williams' short opinion below Whitfield's was so full of optimism and hope, I met my Saturday with renewed faith that good will win over evil, and Dallas will become true partners with law enforcement. Thank you, Dallas Morning News, for these enlightening opinions.Eulaine Hall, Northwest DallasAdd historical contextRe: "Living up to his challenge — Change is the best way to honor King," Sunday Points.Fine words from The Dallas Morning News on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. But in order to complete the picture, perhaps you would consider republishing, as a history lesson, The News' editorials on Dr. King from the period before his assassination. Your editorials on King's movement before 1968, on the Civil Rights Acts, the Voting Rights Act, heck even Medicare, would be of great historical interest your readers today, and help place in local context King's struggles and achievements.Roy Treadway, Fort WorthWhere are we headed?President Donald Trump is the opposite of Martin Luther King Jr. The POTUS keeps tweeting without thinking about the consequences of his words and without accurate information. Everyone is now angry at people who disagree with them about politics, immigration, the environment, gun control, police brutality, international relations, religion, race, gender, language, ethnicity, national origin — you name it! And almost everyone in America is armed to the hilt. So, where do we go from here? To me it seems like there is only one logical conclusion: civil unrest and maybe a second Civil War. Are you ready? Are you a contributor to this discord? Stop and think about where this country is headed.Sheryl Santos-Hatchett, Dallas/Mountain CreekSeems fishyRe: "Stop Abusing Joppa — Council should vote no to concrete plants in neighborhood," Wednesday Editorials.Amazing that Claudia Fowler is not in jail, or at least being investigated for $72,000 that Austin Industries paid to her nonprofit. Even though your editorial states that Austin Industries stopped payments to Fowler's nonprofit due to not being able to account for the funds use, it did not say anything about where the funds ended up.Again, Dwaine Caraway is somehow associated in another deal with more questions than answers, and the common denominator again is money. It's amazing that he has this sixth sense, but is never involved ... kinda like the school bus camera deals. Just saying.Hopefully, the Dallas City Council's vote will be a resounding "no" to more pollution, and self-enrichment schemes. Chris Lane, DallasNeeds should win outI am a homeowner in the Joppa community financed by Habitat of Dallas. I am really against the idea of more plants being built around the community, because for one, I pay taxes just like other homeowners in suburban areas and get up and go to work just like other homeowners. No one purchases a home only to get sick and see their investment decline. We as a community need things that are going to help our residents, which are programs for substance abuse in the community, child care and a food pantry, because sometimes after paying our mortgage and other bills, we're still struggling to fill up our refrigerators. In my world, I work so I can eat before anything else.Barbara Rubles, JoppaWhat do Democrats stand for?I am 85. Have lived in Dallas most of my life. Always voted Democrat (well, except for a brief lapse into Libertarianism in the '80s and a one-off vote for George Bush for president because he had been that rare decent Texas governor).Swore I would never again vote Republican.So unless a third-party option emerges, I guess I'll be voting for the Dems for a long time. But darn it, I wish I knew what they are about now, what they stand for, other than not being Republicans.They seem to be pretty quiet right now. I hope they will become more vocal so I'll be more reassured I'm casting the right votes and maybe even lure some GOP faithful as well as now-disappointed Trump worshipers into their tent.Rich Liebman, Dallas/Lake HighlandsAussie cricket 1, Trump 0The captain of the Australian national cricket team admitted to "ball tampering " and there are widespread calls for him to resign. Cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct. My goodness. In the meantime, the president of the United States has been caught lying hundreds of times in his first year; is an alleged sexual predator with multiple accusations; admitted to fraud and was fined over the running of Trump University; is under federal investigation for colluding with the enemy; demanded nondisclosure agreements from government employees who don't work under him to prevent the release of their observations of his true self; is a failed businessman, etc.Aussie cricket has a more principled system of conduct and decency than the U.S. presidency. Crickey.Ken Topolinsky, Dallas  Continue reading...

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