Man Who Claimed Suicide Pact With Girlfriend in Plano Found Guilty of Murder

A state district judge has found Kenneth Amyx guilty of murder in connection with his girlfriend's death last year in Plano."The state has met its burden and finds the defendant guilty as charged," Judge Scott Becker said in explaining his verdict.Testimony now begins in the punishment phase of the trial. Amyx faces up to life in prison.Amyx, 46, told Plano police that he and Jennifer Streit-Spears had decided to "off themselves," got really drunk and then used knives to cut each other at her Plano apartment on May 29, 2016. Streit-Spears, 43, died of multiple sharp force injuries along with acute alcohol toxicity. Her blood alcohol level was 0.39.Police officers testified that they had only Amyx's word that there was a suicide pact. There was no note or any indication that Streit-Spears had agreed to the plan.  Continue reading...

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