Man in Santa Suit Shoots at Least Three People at Halloween Party in Austin

Austin police have arrested a man dressed as Santa Claus who is suspected of shooting at least three people at a Halloween party early Sunday.Officials haven't named the man. It's unclear what charges he faces.Three people were hospitalized with serious injuries, though they're not believed to be life-threatening, said detective Lee Knouse during a news conference Sunday. He referenced a fourth victim who declined to be taken to a hospital, but he didn't say how that victim was wounded.The gunman was at the party and knew the victims, Knouse said."This was not a random act of violence," he said.The shooting happened at about 6:15 a.m. Sunday to a house party in the 5500 block of Avenue F in Austin.Last year, a man dressed as iconic movie villain Freddy Krueger shot five people at a Halloween party in San Antonio.  Continue reading...

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