Man Found Guilty of Attempting to Assassinate Judge in Austin

AUSTIN — A federal jury in Texas on Thursday convicted a man who authorities say attempted to assassinate a state judge in an effort to avoid being sent to prison.Jurors found Chimene Onyeri, 30, guilty of multiple counts of fraud, racketeering and other charges.Federal prosecutors told jurors over the course of the trial that Onyeri, as part of a racketeering enterprise, shot state District Judge Julie Kocurek as she was in an SUV returning to her home in November 2015.Onyeri had appeared in court before Kocurek before the shooting, and prosecutors said he wanted her dead to avoid going to prison on a probation violation.Onyeri acknowledged in court that he was outside the judge's home, but testified that he only intended to damage her SUV.Kocurek underwent more than 20 surgeries and lost a finger after the attack.Sentencing is scheduled for August and Onyeri faces up to life in prison.  Continue reading...

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