Lupe Valdez's Run for Governor Illustrates Democrats' Big Mess in Texas

News that Lupe Valdez is the state Democratic operation's pick for governor says way more about the party than it does about the Dallas County sheriff.This Hail Mary, just five days before the filing deadline, illustrates how far Democrats are from turning Texas even a tinge purple.You may care about this because you're a Democrat. But if you're a Republican, you should care, too: A strong two-party system benefits everyone because it breeds respect and cooperation, not scorched-earth lawmaking. It requires candidates to address the issues that matter — and work even harder for voters' support.Nowhere is a robust race more important than for the state's top job. The Dallas County sheriff is not the candidate to make that happen.Certainly Valdez is one of the most popular Democrats in Dallas County, and she's been a trailblazer — the only gay, female Hispanic sheriff in the state. Before she was elected to that job, she served as an Army captain and worked as a federal agent for Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security. She has a long record of service.But those attributes alone are unlikely to convince voters that she has the leadership to occupy the governor's office.  Continue reading...

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