Lupe Valdez's Immigration Record Scrutinized as She Criticizes Andrew White's ‘changing Values'

With her reputation as a triple-threat progressive--lesbian, woman and Hispanic, Lupe Valdez had a near unabated run to the Democratic nomination for governor.She stormed to first place in the March 6 primary even with low name recognition and few resources to mount a broad campaign.But weeks before the May 22 runoff, immigration activists--primarily from her hometown of Dallas--are casting the former Dallas County sheriff as a tool used to deport thousands of immigrants in the county without authorization. Valdez's past came to a head last week, when an 18-year-old Dallas woman quizzed Valdez on her immigration record as sheriff, and Valdez struggled to answer the question. She later issued an apology."She is not as progressive as she claims to be," said Marco Malagon, an immigration activist who said Valdez has never answered questions about her true views on deportations. "I don't believe she cares about immigrants or her constituents at all. She'd rather run away."  Continue reading...

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