Lupe Valdez, Andrew White Set to Debate May 11 in Austin

Democratic candidates for governor Lupe Valdez and Andrew White have agreed to a May 11th debate in Austin.The event, just days before early voting, is being sponsored by a coalition of Democratic groups, Valdez said Wednesday.At the Stoneleigh P bar in Dallas, Valdez said that debating White is not important to her because she understands where she stands on the issues. She criticized White "changing his values" and giving money to the Kentucky Republican Party. White has called the 2005 donation an aberration."My priority has always been talking and listening to the voters," said Valdez, the former Dallas County sheriff. "I know where I stand on the issues."In a prepared statement, White, a Houston investor and son of former Texas Gov. Mark White, said "voters are looking for the best candidate to beat Greg Abbott.""I welcome the opportunity to convey my message of common sense, sanity and doing right by Texas," he said. "Even as the underdog, our momentum has been building over the past few months."  Continue reading...

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