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Photo captures sorrowThe Louis DeLuca photo of the grieving police officers at the hospital after the shooting captured the essence of the sorrow that was shared by all of the police force and all of Dallas. He is an amazing photographer to get a picture that sums it all up!Martha P. Callaway, DallasRawlings said what?I nearly choked on my supper when Mayor Mike Rawlings asked the public "to show more respect for police."Where was that respect last year when he tried to take over the Dallas Police and Fire Pension? He all but called us greedy thieves and liars. (I'm a retired firefighter.)Phil Ruzicka, Warsaw in Kaufman CountyWhere is the outrage?Re: "Driver mows down Toronto pedestrians; Van speeding along sidewalk kills 10 people, injures 15," Tuesday news story.One of the first things my dad taught me when I was learning to drive was "Remember, you are driving a 3,000-pound weapon." I'm wondering now, where are the pleas to round up and take away all the cars? After all, we have DART, Uber, Lyft and even rental bikes strewn about the city. Where is the angst? Perhaps delayed? May we expect students to be walking out of classes again over concern for their safety — or, perhaps, to at least enjoy the spring weather?Though I am greatly sorry for the victims in Toronto, I'm just wondering, with tongue firmly in cheek.David Koch, PlanoFooled by shallow responseRe: "Caging the bear — Don't be fooled; West is taking steps against Russia," Wednesday editorial.I must admit I'm a bit disappointed. The News' editorial board put out an interesting editorial about the actions of western nations to combat Russia, and detailed President Donald Trump's expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats and spies in response to the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal as a point of definite U.S. action. However, while our European allies reduced the size of the Russian diplomatic mission permanently, the U.S. has only expelled 60 specific persons and will allow Russia to send back 60 replacements. This renders the action toothless. You commented that Trump reportedly exploding in anger that France and Germany expelled fewer diplomats was "a sideshow." You said "facts matter." You are correct on both counts, but not in the way you intended. The entire expulsion was a shallow showpiece meant to convince a casual observer that the U.S. was taking action. The Dallas Morning News editorial board is not a casual observer. It has a duty to look beyond the surface and into the actual meaning of things.Evan A Hawman, CoppellTerm limits? Won't happenRe: "Plano councilman again vows to fight recall effort," Wednesday news story.I like the sound of "recall." Do you suppose we could set that up for Congress? We need term limits in Congress, but that action requires a Constitutional amendment, and guess who has to initiate the necessary legislation to start the ball rolling in the individual states — that's you and me. Right on! The "wolves tending the chicken coop." Never will happen. Too many feather beds. Respect them? Surely, you jest. I never felt comfortable with a gun stuck in my ribs.Bob Dodson, IrvingUse the tools we already haveRe: "It Happens Here, Too — We urge use of new tools to stop sex trafficking," Wednesday editorial.Northwest Dallas has for many years been infested with "bad actor" massage parlors, many of which are essentially sex-for-sale/human trafficking businesses. In 2005, State Rep. Rafael Anchia got House Bill 2696 passed, requiring all massage parlors and their workers to be licensed massage operators, as opposed to simply being "registered." Police statewide now have the power to enter any massage parlor to check for licensing, and prosecute any offenders who are operating without a license. Yet, despite the new laws, Dallas police and the city attorney's office continue to claim that their hands are still tied. I've personally heard them say this, in a meeting with concerned community members, a state representative, vice department officers and an an assistant city attorney. Meanwhile, three new massage parlors have recently opened in a strip shopping center on Walnut Hill Lane in Northwest Dallas. Your call for "new tools" to fight sex trafficking is admirable, but I would like to see pressure put on authorities to simply use the laws we already have in place.Timothy Ward Dickey, DallasToo much political correctnessRe: "Museum not place for Lee statue," by Robert Wilonsky, Wednesday Metro & State column.After reading Robert Wilonsky's column about the Texas Civil War Museum, I wondered if that was the same museum I visited recently. What made him think it was not a balanced presentation? Was it because it focused on the Civil War and not slavery? Was it because some of the collection came from a former Confederate museum? Should they show Confederate soldiers as worse than Nazis or remove all Confederate exhibits?Of course it is privately owned so they have a right to show whatever they want. Whatever happened to the spirit of Abraham Lincoln who said" with malice towards none and charity toward all "and appealed to the "better angels of our nature."Guess that's too much to ask from the sanctimonious political correctness bunch.Richard Williams, Dallas/Oak CliffDecision has already been madeRe: "Statue debate returns; Fate of Confederate monuments is up in the air as council vote nears," Wednesday news story.The Dallas City Council is set to begin round two of its monuments/memorials discussion. The Lee statue removal last year gave us an insight to how the process works. So with that background, the only "real" discussion is:1. What "emergency" will the Council declare this time to remove the 122 year old war memorial?2. Will the already hired/contracted monument removal crew be ready after Wednesday's "vote" with a big enough crane?What's the purpose of the council holding a public input session and subsequent vote on Wednesday if all the decisions were made beforehand behind closed doors? Citizens have no real input in the process and the council should stop pretending they do.David Jameson, Little ElmDefinition of patriotismRe: "Patriotism's real meaning," by Paul Hill, Wednesday letters.Paul Hill's excellent response to a divisive letter submitted last Sunday reminded me of a definition of patriotism attributed to Mark Twain: "Patriotism is supporting your country all of the time and your government when it deserves it."Bill Devitt, PlanoHow about Prince Elvis?Re: "'Oyez, oyez, oyez, we've got a royal baby, a prince!' Tuesday news story.Congratulations to Catherine and Prince William on the birth of their new baby prince. I've read that among the names suggested for their new baby are Albert, Arthur, and Phillip. How about Prince Elvis? Wouldn't that give great grandma Elizabeth, the queen, a bit of a chuckle?Daryl N. Davis, Dallas  Continue reading...

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