Little Goats, Big Fight: Woman Butts Heads With Fate City Council Over ‘beloved Pets'

FATE — Stephanie Fouquette's pygmy goats were the first Fate residents that drivers on FM551 would see when they headed from Interstate 30 into town. They were in a pen, on land where the family has owned and raised livestock for generations.But like many of Fate's original landowners, Fouquette's family sold land to housing developers. And with new neighborhoods and neighbors come citified codes that aren't as friendly to goats — even little ones.The family now owns about 2 acres. And while the pygmies, which weigh about 60 pounds each as adults, can thrive in small spaces, they're livestock. And the city says livestock can't be kept on properties smaller than than 5 acres."I was told that we had about a month to find them a new home," Fouquette said in her July 17 plea to the City Council for relief, her voice cracking. "To us, they are our beloved pets, just like any dog or cat or any other animal that we have."Because there have been questions about animals being kept in the city — from bees to chickens —City Manager Michael Kovacs said the council will examine Fate's entire animal code at its next meeting, Aug. 7. That's when city officials will determine whether Fouquette will be granted a reprieve or be forced to get rid of her two pygmy goats.   Continue reading...

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