Letters: What Is the Solution to the Immigration Crisis?

Help parents protect childrenRe: "Promote Freedom Abroad — To solve U.S. border crisis, we must reduce need for people to flee their countries," Tuesday Editorials.I don't understand why we are not setting up refugee camps in the homelands of these parents who are so desperate to protect their children. I believe we should help them care for their children there while these parents train to defend and rebuild their homeland. We need our military to empower these desperate people to protect their country and their families. And we need a new Peace Corps to help them identify and develop the economic and environmental resources necessary to support human life in those countries.The way this refugee migration crisis is being mismanaged with bad intentions is quickly reaching a stage where the word "atrocities" best describes the way our country is treating people in desperate need of help. It makes me feel angry, profoundly sad and ashamed of the politicians who have these positions of power in our country and no virtue. They are going to make our neighbors to the south bitter enemies, and then we may have a real safety issue rather than a politically motivated myth about a threat from helpless refugees.Linda Pelon, DallasFocus on broken economiesFinally. Finally. Thank you for finally addressing the real issues behind our immigration problems on our southern border. We should focus on the broken economies and corruption in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. If there is water coming from the ceiling you don't go out and buy more buckets, you fix the roof.Ernest Stokely, Far North DallasPhoto is heartbreakingThe photo of the tragedy of the father and toddler daughter shown drowned while trying to gain access to our country broke my heart. How has our country come to such a low point? The inhumanity. I hope that President Donald Trump has seen this photo, and I would like to say to him, "look what a horrible thing you have done."Judy Winkler, RichardsonSpend that $775 a day on careRe: "Kids back in crude lockup — They had been removed after complaints," Wednesday news story.The report from a recent visit by lawyers on the inhumane conditions of the facilities housing immigrant children in Clint in South Texas and Santa Teresa, N.M., stated that the companies holding these children receive $775 a day per child. Also, at least 70 percent of the children have family members or other sponsors who want to take them and provide care.Yet, President Donald Trump and others blame the problem on a lack of funds from the Democratic Congress. The companies detaining these children in these neglectful and abusive conditions are making millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers while shaming the U.S. No soap, almost no food, freezing temperatures, concrete floors for sleeping — this is no way for Americans to treat children from anywhere. This must stop immediately. Release children to sponsors and insist that the $775 per day be spent on humane treatment.Norma Minnis, East DallasFight inhumane treatmentI tried to finish my breakfast while reading about migrant kids, but I was too appalled, too outraged, too sick at heart to eat. I read about a 2-year-old boy with no diaper under his pants, wet pants and a shirt covered with mucus from his nose because he has a cold. His caretakers are three young girls who try to look after him because there is no one else to do so. What is wrong with the people who live in this state and in this country that everyone is not rising up and causing enough outcry that these conditions have to change right now. Children are dying in these "concentration" camps (and if you don't like that term, look it up, or call it an "internment" camp, cages, prison). Children are ill. Children are separated from parents or caregivers. Children are denied toothbrushes, soap, baths, clean clothes, bedding and even sleep, not to mention food. Believe it! Call your elected representatives and ask them what they are doing to stop this at once and why are we not hearing them loudly opposing such inhumane treatment of babies and young children in our state and in our country. Look at this ugly truth and speak out against itEllen Childress, DallasWe are better than thisIf children had not been separated from their parents at the border and decency and common sense had prevailed, we would not have the seemingly intractable problem of children being in American concentration camps without hope of being reunited with their parents. A lack of planning or foresight by the Trump administration in handling the logistics of humanely managing large numbers of immigrants is completely unacceptable. This administration seems to run on the thesis of whom shall we hate next. Using the excuse of we are a nation of laws to legitimize treating people worse than animals is reprehensible. We are better than that.The Rev. John D. Zeigler, DentonIn crisis, Congress plays softballThere is a crisis at the southern border caused by illegal immigration, and instead of Congress trying to solve the immigration crisis, they are playing softball. Isn't that special?Donald and Joyce Skaggs, GarlandCornyn's border record liberalRe: "Bipartisan immigration plan fails to gain traction — Opposition, competing proposals stall bill by Texans Cornyn, Cuellar," June 22 Metro & Business story.In reviewing John Cornyn's record with respect to immigration, it is clear that despite claiming to be a Republican he is totally in favor of open borders. It is alarming that he continues to mislead the people that he is a conservative, when in fact he is a liberal. It is important that the people of Texas understand who the senator really is.Keith Carson, RockwallRemember Romanian orphans?A few years ago I joined a mission to Romania to work with children who had been abandoned and ignored in that country's orphanages. These children were suffering from the same inhumane indifference as is now inexcusably happening in the detention shelters on the Mexican border. Lessons from Romania clearly taught that the deprivation of loving concern and care in those young lives scarred those children emotionally and socially. How can we allow this to happen in our own country? Why are our senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, silent on this issue? Do they condone child abuse?Carol Soph, DentonWrong use of tax moneyRe: "Money allocated to help locals facing deportation — City's $100,000 will be matched by nonprofit," June 22 Metro & Business story.Legal immigration is fine. Illegal immigration is not. Funny how the city of Dallas can find no money to hire more police officers but has no problem coming up with $100,000 of taxpayer money to defend illegal immigrants.Michael Crupi, Far North DallasThey're local, but illegalWelcome to Dallas, California. After whining about budget shortfalls, our liberal city leaders decided to spend $100,000 on legal services for "local" residents facing deportation. They may be local but they are illegal. The Dallas Morning News seems to have a problem identifying the difference between legal and illegal. The money will be distributed through the newly created Civil Legal Immigration Service office. The new mayor states that "A quarter of our city is from somewhere else. Immigrant communities make Dallas stronger." Based on census data, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area is home to about 475,000 illegal immigrants. We have thousands of American citizens living on the streets. Seniors are being taxed out of their homes while we pay for education, including free breakfast and lunch, free health care and now free legal services for illegal immigrants. This is outrageous. If our liberal city leaders want to pay for legal services for illegal aliens, they should be using their own funds and not taxpayer dollars.Judith Stiles, DallasLet's step upI am shedding tears as I read about the policy to remove immigrant families. If families were separated at the border, what is the assurance the families will go home as a unit? This is a despicable policy and one that will permanently rank the Trump presidency as the most inhumane ever. If there are groups working with ICE, can we assist with providing immigrants with clean clothes, clean bodies, toothbrushes and food before they are deported? I think these families need to see the compassion and sadness in the faces of many Americans. Let's step up. Maybe someday, America will open its doors and be welcoming once again to all.Nancy C. Mack, CarrolltonWhat would Jesus do?So our country of immigrants initiates predawn terrorist raids on women and children, illegals by the wealth-controlled laws of our time, while acts by the bequeathed rich — inheriting fortunes they did nothing to earn, evading the draft and taxes, demeaning war heroes who suffered torture for their country, praising some racists as good people — are viewed as smart rather than criminal. Already the consensus truths of reputable newspapers and science journals are being torched as fake news; soon storefront glass will be broken by mobs or looters exploiting the absence of enterprising owners who came to us expecting freedoms promised by that very different torch on the Statue of Liberty. It was equally ironic as I worked for five days to clear storm debris that my only fellows were those same purported rapists, murderers and thieves who routinely trim yards, now diligently and courageously removing dangerous limbs from dark houses abandoned to hotel indulgences. Perhaps those whose yard work consists of running to the mailbox for their trust-fund check should interrupt their prosperity gospel just once to ask, what Jesus would do?Golder Wilson, Dallas  Continue reading...

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