Letters: TxDOT Workers, Joe Biden, Art Briles, John Bolton, Iran, Abortion, Boy Scouts

Thanks for your honestyRe: "Two men find, return $2K to area nonprofit," Monday Metro & State story.I would like to thank the two Texas Department of Transportation workers who found the lost bag of money. They turned it in to the police in Terrell. It would have been easy for them to just keep the money for themselves, which is common in today's society. As a young man, it isn't always easy to find good role models who do the right thing. It's nice to know that there are still good people in the world. Thanks again, TxDOT workers. It means a lot to me. Ryan Rugg, LewisvilleDems, please be practicalIt's true that former Vice President Joe Biden comes from a bygone era when even segregationists could get along with those who weren't. And yes, things have changed on that front as we all know. But if Democrats want to beat President Donald Trump, they have to be practical and stop this circular firing squad mentality. Going so far to the left they are in danger of falling off the edge of the earth — just as those on the far right are. For God's sake, be practical. You are going to need middle-of-the-road voters to beat Trump.Take a page from Franklin Roosevelt. When asked once about his relationship with segregationists in the South he said, "They may be SOBs, but they are our SOBs." He knew he had to have their votes to get his legislation passed. That is practical.Gaylard French, WaxahachieLet Briles redeem himselfRe: "Hire draws little fuss — Only one Mount Vernon resident speaks out against choice of Briles," June 18 SportsDay story.Please leave Art Briles alone! Only one Mount Vernon resident speaks out against choice of Briles for head coach at Mount Vernon High School. Rightfully so, as he made mistakes and should be allowed to redeem himself. I believe in restoration of the man instead of condemnation.Cedric Singleterry, PlanoWorried about BoltonJohn Bolton is so anxious to start a war — with anyone — that he should be removed from his position. He's an angry person with a chip on his shoulder. If left unchecked, he'll have our loved ones in harm's way. He is a dangerous warmonger who has far too much power and influence. He has kicked around in Washington for years and needs to be removed from a position of this magnitude.Norm Rourke, BrownsvilleWhat about a force depletion plan?One of the main points of any battle plan is determining "force depletion," meaning how many of our troops we will lose, how many of the enemy we will kill and the makeup of enemy dead. Those numbers include civilians. To think President Donald Trump got those numbers 10 minutes before the attack was to start is maybe his biggest lie of all.I doubt his military staff will bring this up.Martin Waller, GarlandNot a fan of left-wingersRegarding the Sunday letters about Iran, it is always cringe-entertainment to read these coordinated letters by the Left-Wingers Club branches in Austin, Garland and Frisco. The hilariously similar, predictable and always wrong anti-Trump spins ironically shred the flimsy claims of diversity of thought. Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.Biff Loeder, Dallas/Medical DistrictA sanctuary for the born?Re: "Town bans abortion — All-male council passes strict measure in locale without any clinics," June 17 Metro & State story.I read with interest the recent ban on abortion passed by the Waskom City Council and establishing itself as a "sanctuary city for the unborn." Having taken this step, I can only hope that they will carry their concern for the unborn over to those born and will soon pass ordinances guaranteeing food, clothing and housing for the children who are saved by their ordinance as well as making provision for pre- and post-delivery care for the mothers of these children. Finally, it would follow that they will set aside funds to assure that these children will have ongoing access to support until such time as they reach their majority at age 18.John Hitz, PlanoChoose before sexA woman's right to choose is before the act, not after the fact.Larry Jones, IrvingBenefits of ScoutingI am in sixth grade and a Boy Scout. I want to tell you why I think anyone who is eligible to join Scouts should join. First, I believe that by joining Scouts you develop time-management skills. You have commitments like going to meetings and new privileges like camping with other Scouts and working on requirements. But with things like school, sports and other events you have to decide what you have time for and what you like more. Second, it can show you that working hard can lead to great rewards. For example, to get a rank you need to complete several requirements. It sometimes can be hard and maybe even stressful. But when you get that rank you see it was worth it! Finally, you get to have fun with others! It's true there are things that Scouts teaches you but also you get to know so many people and have a great time with them. In conclusion, Scouts helps you learn time-management skills, shows you that working hard can lead to great rewards and that you can have a great time doing it!Anthony Kohler, Dallas  Continue reading...

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