Letters: Three Cheers to Changes at the DMN, Mark Wingfield's Column, a Newspaper Carrier

1 Dallas Morning News changes — I am writing to express my appreciation for the improved quality of the DMN this past year. We have been subscribers for 50 uninterrupted years. From the time of the leadership changes with Robert Decherd's election as CEO of A.H. Belo, and earlier, Grant Moise's appointment as publisher and Mike Wilson being named editor, I have noticed a healthy improvement in the paper's content and editorial tenor. I believe that these changes reflect a greater focus on objectivity in news coverage and a more centrist editorial page than in the previous several years.In particular, I appreciate Metro columnists Sharon Grigsby and Robert Wilonsky. The guest columns from the always-reliable Scott Burns. Arts & Life Sunday, Curious Texas and The Watchdog are consistently useful and entertaining. Sports coverage continues its tradition of excellence. Michelle Singletary's financial advice is always useful, especially for the younger set. Finally, the DMN's crowning achievement of 2018 was your selection of Laura Bush as Texan of the Year. Thank you for giving your readers the newspaper of record they deserve. Keep on keepin' on in 2019.Walter H. Dunlap Jr., Dallas/Lake Highlands2 Column by Mark Wingfield - Re: "Critical thinking cures information overload - Presenting both sides of arguments may validate anti-scientific claims," by Mark Wingfield, Feb. 9 Viewpoint.Please consider placing Mark Wingfield's letter on the front page of an upcoming newspaper so that as many people as possible can be exposed to his wisdom and kindness. We all the need the benefit of reading and considering his words. Most readers don't go to your Letters to the Editor column like I do. Wingfield's wisdom, mild manner and clear writing makes this letter a must-read for as many readers as possible.Richard Casper, Dallas/Lakewood3 A DMN carrier - Re: "Three Cheers to the person who delivered our Dallas Morning News every day," by Charles Miller, Jan. 7 Letters. When I read this "Three Cheers," I felt I had to concur with Charles Miller. We have had the same delivery person for over 25 years. Believe me it's almost inconceivable that any individual can be so dedicated and committed to his profession. Yes,I believe it is for all purposes a profession. Rain or shine, hot or cold, our paper is at our door every day. I might add that my wife and I are in our 80s and it's such a blessing to receive that kind of attention. For the record his name is Jim Derr, a truly wonderful man. I don't know if DMN has any recognition awards, but if you do, I couldn't think of anybody more deserving than him.Paul Birinyi, Northwest Dallas  Continue reading...

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