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Dismayed over murder convictionRe: "Machete killer awaits sentence - Dad said he tried to get mental help for son before runner's slaying," Wednesday Metro & Business story.I am shocked and dismayed reading Thomas Johnson was convicted of murder in the machete slaying of Dave Stevens. How does a civilized society allow an obviously mentally ill person to declare himself "sick" but not "insane?" Who in this process was protecting Johnson from himself? The district attorney, his office, the judge, the defense attorney and the jury should be ashamed. All of us with mentally ill loved ones and everyone who cares about the" least of these" should be outraged. And afraid.Martha C. Parks, DallasReading between the linesRe: "Deputy AG gives notice - Rosenstein leaving office in 2 weeks after presiding over contentious Mueller probe," Tuesday news story.As I read portions of Rod Rosenstein's resignation letter, I wonder if I'm the only one who suspects the following unsaid words:"...I am grateful for the opportunity to serve;" (I was so afraid you were going to fire me much sooner) "... for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations;" (your whole presidency, in fact, is a joke!)"and for the personal goals you set in your inaugural address: patriotism, unity, safety, education, and prosperity..." (even though you have worked tirelessly to subvert all those objectives.)Paul G. Hill, GarlandCampaign mailer overloadI will only consider candidates who stop stuffing my residential mailbox with daily propaganda. If wisdom dictates that you candidates must persist, at least improve your content and entice me to look at it. As it stands, as soon as I see a glossy, super-sized postcard, I begin to get annoyed. As soon as I see a candidate's name on that card, it gets recycled. Spend the money on Dallas Morning News ads instead.On Election Day, do you really want my gut reaction, upon seeing your name, to be abhorrent nausea? Milt Songy, Dallas/Lake HighlandsVote yes on Garland propositionsAs a member of the 2019 Garland Citizen's Bond Study Committee and former City Council member from District 2, I encourage everyone in Garland to vote yes on all eight propositions in the city bond election.Your yes vote will improve our roads and storm drainage, support the needs of our first responders, enrich our community with better parks, update our libraries, build a modern animal shelter, renovate municipal buildings, promote economic development and deliver neighborhood vitality projects.Visit VoteYesForGarland.com for more information.Laura Perkins Cox, GarlandYou recommended wrong personRe: "We Recommend - Mendelsohn for Dallas City Council, District 12," April 20 Editorials.The Dallas Morning News made the wrong decision in recommending Cara Mendelsohn over the much more qualified candidate, Carolyn "Cookie" Peadon. The paper noted that Mendelsohn was opposed to the Cotton Belt rail line, however, she has never cared enough about the issue to become involved in it and has done absolutely nothing to prevent the Cotton Belt from being developed. Contrast that to Peadon, who as chair of the Cotton Belt Concerned Citizens Coalition brought in millions of additional dollars to provide protections to the homeowners that live along the Cotton Belt, once DART determined that it would be built. The paper agreed with Mendelsohn's lack of support for tree overlays whereas Peadon helped to make changes to the tree and landscape ordinance to protect our parks and trees. Having served for five years on the City Planning and Zoning Board, no other candidate comes close to Peadon's knowledge and results for the district. Voters in District 12 would be wise to cast their vote for Peadon.Andy Jacobs, Far North DallasTexas Legislature only raised taxesLet's see now. Citizen taxpayer complains about escalating school property tax. State Legislature hears cries and solves problem by "limiting future raises" (nothing re: lowering), increasing teacher pay, and coming up with "new tax" to pay for both of above. This leaves citizen paying more tax in a different format and he or she is expected to be satisfied with legislative solution. Texas (without an income tax) now matches California for tax burden. Meanwhile, Texas surpasses filthy-rich Saudi Arabia in oil production and with no U.S. shortages, gas prices are again on the rise and the state gets no increase. Am I missing something here?Albert E. Brewster, FriscoConservatives vs. RepublicansMany conservatives in the Republican Party are wondering if they really are conservative anymore. If you believe in creating a $1 trillion deficit, adding $2 trillion to the debt, putting children in cages, separating children from their parents, calling people childish names in public, turning a blind eye to the dismemberment of a journalist, refusing to accept the findings of the Intelligence Committee on Russia interference, calling African nations derogatory names, alienating our allies, disgracing a decorated Vietnam veteran even after his death and calling Americans the "Enemy of the State" makes you a conservative, you are wrong. You are a Republican.John R. Cobarruvias, Houston  Continue reading...

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