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If you're rich, help outSuggestions for the wealthy people in Dallas who are not taxed enough. 1. Pick any level of government and donate to it. Surely there is some school district, county, city, etc. that would love to have more money to spend or pay off debt. 2. Pay off auto loans for teachers in poor districts. 3. Clean up Shingle Mountain. 4. Pay medical debt for people in need. 5. Pay for an energy upgrade to poor folks' housing. Or maybe just build poor people some new, comfortable, energy-efficient housing. 6. Medical research. 7. There are many programs to feed hungry children in the world. 8. Churches, Red Cross, Salvation Army, food banks — need I say more?All of the above programs will spend money more efficiently and help more people than raising taxes for the federal and state governments.Thomas Burrows, CoppellTwo presidents A tale of two presidents: In the wake of tragic circumstances, we have one president who, at a memorial service, wipes the tears from his eyes and begins to sing "Amazing Grace." Then we have another president, his successor, who visits a hospital after a tragic circumstance and jokes as he references his political rally in the city and states that his crowd was larger than his opponent.The question is, which president speaks to your heart and soul?Alene Donaldson, IrvingLegal immigration at riskRe: "New rule limits legal immigration — Critics say it favors Europeans, the wealthy when granting access," Tuesday news story.So President Donald Trump does not want to keep out only those immigrants entering illegally. He has demonstrated he wants as little immigration as possible by prolonging asylum applications and dragging out court hearings for citizenship applications so long that immigrants give up and "go back to where they came from." And now the news that the Trump administration's latest rule could limit legal immigration. Do we need more proof?Jeannine Gibbs, RichardsonTrespassing is trespassingHere are is a question that I would like to ask every one of the Democrat candidates running for president and who are for open borders or decriminalizing illegal crossing into the U.S. Yes or no to all questions: Is it legal for any U.S. citizen to ignore a sign that is posted that says: "Private Property. No Trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted" and still go across the property? If your answer is yes, then great. I can't wait to cut across federal land or an airport to get where I'm going instead of taking the long way around. If your answer is no, then why are you willing to make it lawful for someone to cross into our country illegally? Can I come trespass on your property and not be arrested or detained? If I am an illegal immigrant, could I? So why is it different for our borders? Just questions I would like answered.Kevin Loyd, Grand PrairieWasted spaceGive it up! Beto O'Rourke has no chance to even be considered, in my opinion. You are wasting valuable newspaper space and annoying those of us whom he annoys!Sue Reed, Farmers BranchDid president pay El Paso bill?After President Donald Trump visited the shooting victims and staff at the hospital in El Paso, where he spent time ridiculing Beto O'Rourke and bragging about the crowd size at one of his rallies, did the president leave the city of El Paso a check for $500,000 he owes them for his last rally there?Lynne D. Doyle, GrapevinePrevent election hackingRe: "Cornyn keeping eye on elections," by Sen. John Cornyn, Aug. 2 Letters.I appreciate Sen. John Cornyn's letter in response to my letter about the GOP allowing Russia to meddle in U.S. elections. He refers to GOP bills that make hacking voting systems a crime and to prohibit foreigners who hacked into U.S. elections from entering our country. As wonderful as this sounds, these bills are all about closing the door after the cow has already left the barn. Instead of addressing the consequences of bad actors and election hacking after it occurs, how about actually trying to prevent election hacking and Russian interference from occurring in the first place? The Democrats in the House of Representatives have already passed bills to actually prevent election hacking before it happens that Senate leader Mitch McConnell won't bring up for a vote in the Senate. Maybe McConnell fears they might actually work denying Trump's Russian friends the opportunity to assist him in the next election, or maybe "Moscow Mitch" doesn't want to jeopardize all the Russian money flowing into his state. The Russians sure seem to be getting a lot for their money from Trump and his sycophants in the GOP.Danny Barnes, East DallasMore mercuryRe: "The mystery of the mercury spill," by Dave Lieber, Sunday Metro & State column.This column made me remember that my friend was on a few ships while in the Navy and said that they routinely dumped gallons of mercury in the ocean so as not to have to deal with it after arrival at home. Obviously another cause of our problems with mercury and so typical of bureaucratic indifference.John Webb, Carrollton  Continue reading...

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