Letters – Sales Tax Hike, John Cornyn, Greg Abbott, Trump's Accomplishments

Texas' tax-hiking RepublicansRe: "GOP leaders seek 1-cent sales tax hike — Abbott, Patrick and Bonnen say increase will help drive down Texans' property taxes," Thursday news story."Abbott and Patrick propose 12% tax hike on seniors!" This was the missed headline in Thursday's paper. Texas GOP leaders want to increase the average combined sales tax from 8.25% to 9.25%, a 12% increase, to compensate for their preventing cities and towns from raising needed revenue from property tax to fund fire and police protection, park maintenance and other essential services.The property tax assessments on seniors are already frozen, so they won't be helped by this, but like everyone else, especially those on fixed incomes, seniors will have to pay this 12% increase so that Abbott, Patrick and their like can better appeal to rural voters and reflexive anti-taxers. They and their rich friends will be the only beneficiaries of this rip-off. For the rest of us, it's a 12% tax hike. Who voted for these big government, tax-hiking Republicans, anyway?James L. Burt III, Fort WorthTexas goes CalifornianIncreasing the state sales tax will be a greater burden on the working poor and the elderly, who often live on a fixed income, and a lesser problem for the rich. However, since this effort by the state Legislature and our governor is meant to offset the proposed limitations on property taxes, I guess that does not matter. I am sure I recall that Gov. Greg Abbott often decries anything California in Texas, but it does not seem to bother him that raising the sales tax by a penny will put us right up with California in having the highest state sales tax in the country. As to the poor, let them eat cake.Peggy Tucker, RichardsonCheck the percentagesRe: "Cornyn slips in conservative ratings — Middling score comes as he preps to run for re-election next year," Wednesday news story.I am writing this letter to thank the American Conservative Union for letting me know that Sen. John Cornyn is not meeting its expectations. It looks like Cornyn is recognizing the fact that Texas is a purple state now. His 77% conservative rating, down from his previous 90% conservative rating, will allow me to vote for him. I see that Sen. Ted Cruz is hanging in there at a 95% rating, which means I will once again not be able to vote for him. Thanks again to the ACU for telling who and who not to vote for.Ray Norton, PlanoWhat did Trump accomplish?Re: "Some 'servants of the people,'" by Harold Waters, April 8 Letters.I applaud Waters for still being engaged at his age, but with all due respect, I take issue with his assertion that President Donald Trump "has done more for the United States in two years than past presidents have in 30 years." I would love to see a list of the accomplishments with which he credits the president.I see a good economy and employment rates that continue at the rate President Barack Obama started in 2010; a tax law that heavily favors the wealthy, with a recent NBC/WSJ poll showing that 17% of Americans and 30% of Republicans think they actually saw a tax cut; a White House staff and Cabinet in a state of constant chaos and turnover; the longest government shutdown in U.S. history; a $2 trillion increase in the national debt; failure to reform health care or immigration laws; scaling back of regulations protecting our environment and endangered species; our national security threatened by staffers who lack proper security clearance and Trump's coziness with dangerous dictators; and embarrassing behavior exemplified by his treatment of John McCain.Finally, I wonder if Waters has taken advantage of Social Security and Medicare, the "socialist" programs for which he has qualified for the last 30 years.Karen Rosenthal, IrvingIf only Trump had supportA big thanks to Harold Waters for his well-worded and thought-out letter. He tells how the cow eats the cabbage. If only our president had some support, think what could be accomplished. Maybe we could have a secured border or a sensible health care plan. The Democrats have had two years to get over their anger that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and kept her from waltzing into the White House. One of the president's accomplishments was the tax cut. I keep hearing Democrats say it only helped the wealthy. Well, for the first time in 20 years, my wife and I actually got a small refund instead of having to pay more.Waters states he has been on earth for 95 years. There's an old saying that goes: "You don't get old being stupid". Thanks again Mr. Waters. And yes, God bless America!Jimmie George, FarmersvilleWait, 'shut it down'?The recent quote from President Donald Trump confused me. He said, "I never changed my mind at all. I may shut it down at some point." This may be just an odd expression, but was he referring to shutting down his mind as that has been a point of conjecture before?Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, AustraliaIs Trump's condition dire?I've given this some thought. President Donald Trump gave another speech, mispronouncing common words and slurring others. A few days ago he was confusing the word origins with oranges. Several times he's wandered off and the Secret Service had to bring him back. I've wondered if he might be waltzing with Madame Alzheimer, and now I'm sure.The recent mad firing of numerous people reportedly at the behest of Stephen Miller makes me wonder if Miller is Trump's Edith Wilson. Edith, the wife of President Woodrow Wilson, kept the president's dire condition away from the public, the press and Congress, serving as the de facto president until Wilson was healthy enough to resume his duties. Could Miller, that sad, hate-filled man, be doing the same?Kathleen Dungan, Waxahachie  Continue reading...

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