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Unpresidential behavior"Presidential harassment" is being screamed from the White House about the news that special counsel Robert Mueller will testify, but in my view, the very term is nonsensical. We understand President Donald Trump is attempting to appeal to those who are prone to believe him that they should feel sorry for him and join in his personal battle. While the word "presidential" might mean "relating to a president," the better definition is "having a bearing or demeanor befitting a president." A presidential leader in the better sense would not have behaved as we have seen over the past few years and would understand that illegal and unethical behavior of an elected official in a democracy will be called to account. Oversight is an essential part of our democratic process. In light of strong evidence of wrongdoing, it is definitely not harassment.Linda Johnston Arage, WaxahachieMueller's frustrating silenceRobert Mueller is a war hero, true patriot and dedicated public servant. That said, I've been very frustrated and baffled by his action, or lack thereof, since his report was released. Surely he believes that the country is indeed in crisis mode and that its citizens need to understand the full depth of the disclosures in his report regarding improper, and in some cases criminal, activities undertaken by President Donald Trump and his election campaign. He has observed Attorney General William Barr whitewash and misrepresent the report findings and the Trump camp's claim ad nauseam, "No collusion, no obstruction." He also must understand that most people will not take the time to read the 400-page report and that many are are influenced by Trump propaganda. It is a mystery why the Democrats in the House had to resort to a subpoena to get him to testify. His wish to avoid the spotlight is understandable, but it's disappointing that that he didn't see the need to better inform the American people and voluntarily appear. And by the time he does testify in July, three months will be wasted since the report was released. Like I said, very frustrating.Fred R. Neary, Far North DallasDig into Mueller's reportThe Mueller Report is long, but it is well worth reading or listening to. One can listen to it via many different applications online rather than reading the whole 448 pages. It is important that every citizen listen to this report to understand what President Donald Trump and the people who worked with him during his campaign and after he was elected to office have done with the Russians to harm the United States of America. In addition, the obstruction portion of the Mueller Report clearly states that it does not exonerate the president. In September 1973, the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel determined that a criminal case against the president "would interfere with the President's unique official duties." Now, over 1,000 former federal prosecutors have signed a letter indicating that Trump would be indicted if he were not the president. Please listen to this report. It is an eye-opening experience to know what happened during the election process, how many people were involved and what the president has done to obstruct justice into the Russia inquiry into his election and his presidency. No one is above the law, including the president of the United States.Merceda J. Winder, Royse CityPensions aren't the only factorRe: "U.S. is facing a retirement crisis — Gig economy means too many don't have access to workplace savings plans," by Martine Ferland, Wednesday Viewpoints.This column about America's retirement security crisis is right on. The focus was on the lack of adequate pension plans for private employees, but the scope of the problem is much greater. Fewer and fewer workers have any kind of pension, and the plans that exist are mostly underfunded. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, which is supposed to guarantee pensions, is also underfunded and actually guarantees little.One of the biggest lies in America is that 401(k)s replace pension plans. A 401(k) is a savings plan, not a pension plan. Retiree expenses keep rising. Big pharma has America's retirees by the throat. Politicians have their knives out for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It's fight or die for seniors!Gene Lantz, Dallas/Oak CliffMaking money trumps peopleRe: "Illinois legalizes recreational pot — Measure aims to lift up minorities whose lives were hurt by drug war," Wednesday news story.The governor of Illinois believes he is helping "lift up minorities whose lives were hurt by drug war" through legalizing recreational use of marijuana. The governor is "hitting the 'reset' button on the war on drugs," which has disrupted black and brown communities. The governor praises an expected increase in income to his state coffers due to the sale of marijuana. It appears making money trumps saving people. But not to fear. Twenty percent of the proceeds will go to substance-abuse programs. What a comforting plan.Jerry W. Halpin, LucasAre subways outdated?Re: "Are subway plans for Dallas still on track? Good question," by Robert Wilonsky, Wednesday Metro & Business column.Wilonsky tackled a thankless task to report on Dallas' subway plans. He failed to ask how soon subway technology will be out of date.There are now headlines announcing that 33 million driverless cars will be sold annually by 2040. Why would anyone want to take a subway when they could call a self-driving van to pick them up more quickly, conveniently, and probably at dramatically lower total cost?The smartphone would respond with a location they could be picked up at with other riders in their area going to the same general destination. The van will be there to pick them all up within five minutes. Then the van would drive them all to a central drop-off where they could each walk less than 1/10 of a mile to their destination at a very low cost. The van could also drive you door-to-door for a slightly higher cost if you do not want the exercise.Such computer-coordinated travel will be happening long before Dallas can finish any high-cost, out-of-date subway!Bill R. Betzen, Dallas/South Oak CliffRelief from Trump syndromeSuffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)? Well, I have the perfect remedy: Listen to the lovely music of Johann Sebastian Bach, preferably, the Brandenburg Concertos. Sit back, relax, enjoy. Repeat as necessary. Ahhh!Polly Shaw, Denton  Continue reading...

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