Letters: Readers Share Reactions to Mueller's Report

Democrats make me laughRe: "Report: No collusion," Monday news story.Attorney General William Barr determined there was not enough evidence to support obstruction charges against President Donald Trump for obstructing the investigation into collusion that never happened.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claim Barr's bias against the special counsel's inquiry means "he is not a neutral observer and is not in a position to make objective determinations about the report." Instead, we need neutral observers like Pelosi and Schumer to make objective determinations about the report. Thanks for making us laugh, but please, make it stop.Chris Hill, AllenHow much will we stand? Of course there was no conspiracy. President Donald Trump calling on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails and release them during the campaign wasn't conspiratorial. Nor was Russia's doing so and covering it up. Trump's sending his campaign heads to clandestine meetings with Russian agents wasn't conspiratorial. Nor was their lying about it. His secret negotiations with Vladimir Putin during the campaign to build a Trump tower in Moscow and lying about it wasn't conspiratorial. His declaring Putin a great and honest leader wasn't conspiratorial. His many denials and calling those taking note witch-hunters isn't conspiratorial, either.Of course, his Republican administration finds no evidence of its chief's conspiracy or cover up — because they are doing it now. (Their summarizing the report rather than releasing the full text isn't the least conspiratorial.)The only question is how much bamboozlement the American people will take. Some of us are complicit. Others don't want to see. But many of us taking note are already fed up. So our anger at these people and the system they propel grows more compelling.Brian Baldwin, Dallas/Oak LawnMinimizing the reportThe Dallas Morning News and its fellow liberal left travelers are turning journalistic back flips trying to minimize the Mueller report that determined no evidence connected President Donald Trump or his campaign team to collusion with Russia. Snippets: "It does not exonerate him," "Barr was who was appointed by Trump." "All clear? No." "Did Trump obstruct justice? Mueller offers no answers."The Mueller report is not exoneration? GOP echoes "no collusion" after report. If a newspaper spent about two years (If I had only kept a spreadsheet on The News' two years of trying to connect Trump's win to a Russian collusion) trying to connect Trump's 2016 election win to Russia, it makes sense that it would try to minimize Mueller's report, which had a sole purpose to investigate any Trump-Russia collusion with his 2016 win. Can anyone imagine The News' screaming editorial if Mueller had found any Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 election? There is no jubilation from The News that the 2016 election was not determined by Russia-Trump collusion. The News' report on Mueller's report reminds me of the old poem, "Casey at the Bat" ... "But there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out."Don Skaggs, GarlandGive credit to MuellerAmidst the cheers and jeers of the results of Mueller report, credit should be given to Robert Mueller and his team for their remarkable achievement of what many thought impossible. Despite all the political storms around them, he and his staff conducted a thorough and fair investigation of the charges made, without leaks, confusing announcements, press conferences or political posturing. As a result, both Democrats and Republicans should be able to accept the report's conclusions in full confidence. Saturday, without fanfare or public ceremony, Mueller quietly turned in his completed report to Attorney General William Barr. The next day he took his wife to Sunday church services. A person with that kind of integrity is almost unique in modern American politics. Too bad he won't run for president. Mueller may well be the most honest and dedicated public servant that we have had since Abraham Lincoln.Holmes Brannon, PlanoIt's gross censorshipWith the Mueller report the devil is in the details. Almost as important as the conclusions of the report is the justification on why such decisions were made. Also, if the American public can't see the full Mueller report, it shows that gross censorship exists in America.It is disappointing that special counsel Robert Mueller did not find answers to some key questions, like why President Donald Trump is so deferential to Vladimir Putin and Russia and so secretive about his talks with Putin, why so many Trump officials had contact with Russian officials and why they kept denying it and lying about it, and why Trump kept attacking the Mueller investigation. If Trump were innocent he would feel no need to attack it.Mueller seemed to tease us of what may come out of his final report, but in the end it was deeply disappointing.Kenneth L. Zimmerman, Huntington Beach, Calif.Cornyn wakes upRe: "What they said," Monday news story.Well, I guess Sen. John Cornyn finally woke up. He now says we need to expose and defeat Russian efforts to undermine our democracy a full two years after the attack on our country in the 2016 election. Where have you been, Senator? Because of your dereliction of duty and that of other Republicans in Congress, we are no better prepared to defend our electoral process today than we were then.And so Sen. Ted Cruz slumbers on ... unaware, uncaring and irresponsible.Miner Raymond, WacoStart legislating nowWow. I understand that U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff has information that President Donald Trump has been stealing from the government. This was developed by his staff after extensive research over the last two years. Apparently he has, on occasion, removed government-issued ballpoint pens from the Oval Office and taken them to the residence for his personal use. They think he prefers to do crossword puzzles in ink. Really, it's time members of Congress stop investigating and start legislating.Furthermore, perhaps the federal prosecutors in the New York Southern District could find more important things to investigate instead of looking to see if any foreign money was contributed for the chips and dip at the president's inaugural ball.Richard C. Daubenspeck, Far North DallasMedia invented 'story'The invented "story" of a Trump/Russia collusion has been an overwhelming media circus. The press has relentlessly headlined the specter of President Donald Trump as a Russian agent, of Trump as a Russian blackmail target, of Trump as a traitor and on and on. Recall the hour-by-hour claptrap by CNN and other media endlessly thrashing out the supposed details of the worst act of treachery ever committed.Throughout it all, I wondered if the media gave a single thought about how obsessive, maniacal and conspiratorial they might look one day if the "story" was exposed as a political hoax. Now it has been, and now we get to watch the media try to squirm their way out. Just don't forget what they put us through the last two years.David Snodgrass, Dallas  Continue reading...

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