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State leaders were slow to actRe: "Rape kit measure signed — Abbott applauds 5 bills designed to combat human trafficking, sexual assault," Wednesday Metro & Business story.I'm pleased that Gov. Greg Abbot signed the Lavinia Masters Act. Hopefully justice will finally prevail for the many victims of the horrible crime of rape. However, what caught my attention reading the article was that the crime against Masters couldn't be prosecuted because it was beyond the statute of limitations. So, who in our state has been in charge of making sure these kits get tested and then their perpetrators brought to justice? Could it be our supposed "strong on crime" Republican governors and attorneys general, namely Rick Perry, John Cornyn, Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton? Being strongly anti-crime, shouldn't they have found time and resources to help her and her fellow victims? Why has it taken until now to do something to resolve these cases? These gentlemen have been in charge for the past 20 years. I don't understand how they and other Republicans can now take credit for solving a problem they, in essence, have avoided for over two decades. I guess their actions in this instance show they truly are not as "strong on crime" as they tell us they are.Dave Dudziak, ColleyvillePlumb worried about plumbersThe future of professional plumbing as well as the safety and wallets of Texas homeowners is in jeopardy. The State Board of Plumbing Examiners will be dissolved and plumbers will no longer be required to renew their licenses, pursue continuing education or carry general liability insurance if they operate a business. As of Sept. 1, anyone will be able to identify themselves as a "professional plumber."Although there are currently 58,000 licensed plumbers across the state with another 14,000 actively pursuing their licensure, Texas is experiencing a shortage of qualified plumbers to meet the demand. Without regulations, we run the risk of sending thousands of unqualified plumbers into Texas homes. And since there won't be an insurance requirement to perform plumbing, there is no doubt that homeowners' insurance rates will skyrocket. On June 4, Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that he has the capability to extend the State Board of Plumbing Examiners for two years without calling a special session; however, the details remain unclear. And although his tweet ended with the directive of "don't worry," Texas homeowners should worry about a deregulated plumbing industry.Jeff Sims, North Richland Hills, master plumber and president, BillyGoAre pilots and surgeons next?Since the Texas Legislature failed to pass a bill to fund the state plumbing board, a license will no longer be required for plumbers after Sept. 1. Kind of scary. All of us depend on the plumbing in our homes and work places. If not done properly, it can be a real safety issue. Who's next — airline pilots and brain surgeons?Pam Brown, IrvingVoter fraud is still an issueRe: "Whitley Botched the Job — Failed voter roll investigation is inexcusable," May 30 Editorials.Yes, David Whitley botched the job — politicians have a way of doing that. But don't conflate his ineptitude with the crying need to investigate voter fraud. A comprehensive look at all states' voter registrations, the sources, the duplicates, the errors, the deceased, etc. is critical to honest and fair elections.Robert E. Kunkle, McKinneyShake hands and move on"We want to do what's right," Nancy Pelosi says. I hear this phrase all too often when there is no foundation to what a person is arguing. "Right" according to whom or what? If Pelosi and her horde want to do what's right, help the president run this country. Stop wasting valuable taxpayer's money chasing unicorns and mermaids. This country cannot go on being further divided because of this childish behavior. We the people are tired of it, so shake hands and move on. If President Donald Trump's way is wrong, it will show in 2020. The American people are not stupid.Michael Campione, PlanoFighting a ghost, and losingRe: "Trump: Hiding of USS McCain 'well-meaning' — He defends official from White House who made controversial decision," May 31 news story.President Donald Trump is probably the only person alive who can have an ongoing feud with a dead person and keep losing.Kate French, WaxahachieAbortion is OK but not declawing?What's wrong with this picture? Recently the New York State Legislature took a victory lap for passing legislation that allows a human baby to be aborted up until the time it is born. Now they've passed a law that says it is inhumane to declaw a cat. The inmates have indeed taken over the insane asylum.Ronald Coleman, MansfieldGood info about organicsRe: "That has tocopherols in it? Nope.' You're saying no to vitamin E, and falling victim to a common scare tactic — Quantity, quality of chemicals tested make a difference," Sunday Arts & Life story.Thank you for this article about organic processed foods and unfounded fear of chemicals in foods. The reasons I usually buy organics, even when I buy processed foods, have more to do with protecting farmers, farmland and water than with protecting myself. I understand that organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces the use of water for irrigation and improves the soil. I am no farmer, though. How about an article about other aspects of organic foods? Chris Guldi, DallasPandering to fossil fuel machineRe: "Don't waste planet's time arguing — Humans can adapt to climate change, but we must accept facts and realities," by Kenneth A. Hersh, May 26 Points.I am shocked and dismayed at The Dallas Morning News for publishing this column. At this crucial time when we address the most pressing issue facing our human existence, this piece is not only irresponsible journalism, it's flagrant pandering to the fossil fuel machine. The News should be embarrassed and ashamed.Cheryl Beesley, East Fort WorthGive us legit weather warningsSeveral times this year we have been alerted of possible hail storms and several times we have parked our cars under protection. It hailed zero times.Saturday, there were little if any effective warnings or alerts about possible damaging hail. Our cars were left unprotected. It was hailing hard.All we want from our "weather people" are legitimate warnings. Maybe Dallas-Fort Worth "meteorologists" should all be replaced by Siri or the GPS lady. It does not matter if they are right or wrong, helpful or useless — they won't get fired. Thanks for nothing!Biff Loeder, Dallas/Medical District  Continue reading...

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