Letters: Philip Kingston, Laura Miller, Trafficking, Dallas Police, ‘Green Book,' Stephan Pastis

Dysfunctional DallasRe: "Dallas' next mayor must be able to dream big and unite," by Gromer Jeffers Jr., Monday Metro & State column.Jeffers' column on what type of mayor is needed was beautiful. Unfortunately, our City Council is dysfunctional and, as stated, has had corruption scandals. Philip Kingston needs to go and I am sorry to say, but Mayor Mike Rawlings and Council hopeful Laura Miller have both been "stagnant" for our city. "Grow South" has great potential, but millions were wasted on the "boondoggle" Trinity River proposal while we are still waiting for Miller's campaign promise of fixing our streets from over 20 years ago. She is not needed on City Council as she is the one who somehow had all growth proposals for Preston Center defeated. Please stay away, Ms. Miller, you are a "boondoggle" in my opinion.David McLintock, Dallas/Lake HighlandsLaura Miller's wise movesThe re-emergence of Laura Miller is a good thing for Dallas. Miller opposed the boondoggle giveaway project known as the newer and brighter Cowboys Stadium, which hindsight reveals would have put Dallas on a certain path to bankruptcy or raising taxes. Most of us support the Dallas Cowboys but we did not need our already sky-high taxes to reach to the moon.As for Dallas police and firefighters, some of whom I have had the privilege to represent, and who may receive payments from the 20-year past-due wage lawsuit settlement with Dallas, had Miller given you a raise in 1995, you would not be getting a payout today. And I suspect Miller will now support, as we all must, raising your pay to keep you hard at work throughout this incredible town.Stephen Raynor, DallasKeep her off City CouncilDoes Laura Miler think we have forgotten that because of her short-sighted intransigence and stubbornness, a billion-dollar football stadium was built in Arlington instead of Dallas? I'm surprised she has the chutzpah to run for City Council. I have been a resident and voter in Dallas since 1961 and cannot remember a worse mayor than Miller. She should not be trusted in any public office, not even as a city garbage collector (apologies to those hardworking men).David S. Alkek, M.D., Far North DallasWho votes for Kingston?Re: "Kingston is Out of Line — Cops, firefighters should have a voice in politics," Friday Editorials.Kudos regarding the editorial about Philip Kingston and his snarky attitude toward his district residents. I have written him on occasion for information and his replies are not what I consider professional or diplomatic. I speak with residents in my building and they, too, have the same sentiments. It makes me wonder: Just who is electing him? I know it's none of us and some of the owners, like me, have lived here for years. It would be nice for him to not just be a politician but to actually do some good for his district.Sydney Brainard, DallasLet the voters decideI beg your supercilious pardon, Editorial Board. Philip Kingston is the hero to many and you have a lot of nerve to say that he shames the people he's supposed to represent. Without the brilliant, free-thinking minds of Kingston and Lee Kleinman — total opposites on the City Council — we would have a very uncreative, unimaginative City Council. They keep everyone considering another point of view, so necessary for good government. Let's let Laura Miller, Kingston, the police and firefighters fight it out while the voters make their own determinations about the facts. Eulaine Hall, Northwest DallasYou can fight traffickingRe: "Make It Your Business to Stop Trafficking — Companies must stop enabling sex trade and turning a blind eye to crime," Sunday Points.Readers with smartphones who stay in hotels and motels can combat sex trafficking by uploading photos of the rooms they stay in using the phone app TraffickCam. This a database of hotel room images investigators search to match with online advertisements of victims. This is provided by exchangeinitiative.com.H. Michael Lewis, ArlingtonDallas needs effective oversightRe: "All sides bash proposal — Some dislike critical-incident panel, others call changes 'rebranding' of toothless panel," Feb. 12 Metro & Business story.Can The Dallas Morning News possibly believe Dallas is a Pollyanna bubble, where no residents worry whether bad conduct and racial bias will affect them? That no police are tainted by environmental biases and behaviors like the rest of us? Have you forgotten the scars left on the marginalized and voiceless residents of Dallas who now comprise our majority? Dallas promised oversight for 40-plus years, but delivered nothing. The DMN fails to acknowledge simple truths: neither people, companies, cities, nor police can objectively judge themselves. Third parties are required to validate the good and identify how to improve. When effective oversight is discussed, it is a strength, not weakness. The 21st Century Policing Task Force concluded trust depends on communities believing first in the legitimacy of how police do their business, and legitimacy occurs only with strong civilian oversight. Until Dallas creates a higher standard of professional and ethical standards, police misconduct will hurt all of us. And the nearly 40 police lawsuits Dallas is fighting will continue to cost taxpayers millions.Bruce Orr, DallasReal message of 'Green Book'Re: "'Green Book' takes home best picture Oscar — Upset one of many surprises during night of firsts for diversity," Monday news story.Let's not worry about the historical accuracy of The Green Book. Let's remember the simplest of messages: Racism is bad and family is good.Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, AustraliaWhat a ridiculous banThanks to Stephan Pastis for having the guts to use his comic strip to comment on the ridiculous banning of Non Sequitur. Now, Pearls Before Swine is the only thing left that is actually funny in the comics section.Peggy Tucker, Richardson  Continue reading...

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