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We weep for Notre DameAs World War II neared its close, Adolf Hitler asked, "Is Paris burning?" Ignoring Hitler's destructive order to level the city, the German commander left the City of Light intact for its liberation. Now, however, this notable moment in French history is sadly recalled as we watched in horror the tremendous fire in the heart of Paris that has consumed Notre Dame Cathedral. My wife and I attended Mass at that 13th-century cathedral during previous visits to Paris and were in awe at the reverence of the thousands who crowded the nave to hear the Sunday service. Even though other hundreds toured the inside perimeter of the church, they were silent and respectful during Mass. At the last blessing the magnificent organ began to play, its sound reverberating against the stone walls and heavily timbered ceiling of the church. We were both humbled and exalted to have been part of the celebration in that towering edifice. Now, seeing the tragic fire that has gutted that ancient church which had withstood so many threats to its existence, we wept at the great loss of this icon of faith and art to the people of Paris, of France and of the entire world.Michael R Morawey, RichardsonNeglecting preventive care a crimeRe: "7 found guilty in kickback scheme — Surgeons and hospital co-founder convicted in $40 million operation," April 10 news story.The Forest Park Hospital indictments should incriminate our health care system rather than physicians and administrators who work with an insurance system that rewards later-stage procedures instead of early-stage preventive care. American medical care is like a traffic system that values lucrative repair shops over good lighting, signage and car safety features. Surgeons are the cream of medical students, their life-saving trauma and cancer surgeries deserving of high status and salaries, and it is tragic when primary care is so underfunded that greedy hospital and insurance bureaucrats market the best of doctors like quacks hawking snake oil. The tragedy begins with medical schools that place more value on grant and clinical revenue than outpatient care (not once in 40 years as medical school faculty were my clinical genetic skills evaluated), continues in the prizing of research "Mock-Doctors" who bring in grants but wouldn't know a patient if he or she bit them in the leg, and ends in the depreciation of time-intensive outpatient care that is lucky to receive 40 percent reimbursement for educational and preventive services that keep patients from the knife until really needed.Golder Wilson, DallasIn search of Trump 'tax cut'Re: "If only Trump had support," by Jimmie George, Monday Letters.A few wealthy persons and corporate executives (and corporations) are praising Trump's "tax cut." We are a middle-class, mid-income retired couple who itemize on the long-form 1040 and we are paying more. For those of us who itemize deductions, Trump's "tax cut" package took away more than $8,000 of personal exemptions and eliminated the combined sales tax/income tax and property tax deductions exceeding $10,000. Our 2018 federal income taxes increased by several thousand dollars. The "tax cut" must have been another on the long list of Trump lies.Hank Evers, McKinney'Abortionist' misused hereRe: "There is nothing pro-life about this — Potential death sentences for women who have abortions? Seriously?" by Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, Saturday Viewpoints.Upfront, I am pro-choice but I do sometimes agree with this writer, especially in regard to the bill she is discussing. However, what I want to say is that I am sorely disappointed in her use of the pejorative term abortionist when she is referring to a fully qualified and licensed physician. An abortionist is an illegal back-alley practitioner who may use something like a coat hanger and nothing like sterile technique to prey upon women in an untenable situation. I am lucky enough to have never had to make that choice but also old enough to have known young women who did. I fervently hope those times never come again.Peggy Tucker, RichardsonFaulty numbers in Frisco ISDRe: "We Recommend — Rudy for Frisco ISD trustee, Place 3," Saturday Editorials.In your recent recommendation of Chad Rudy for Frisco ISD board of trustees, let me outline a few vital points you failed to consider. As you pointed out in your recommendation, Rudy is invested in the Frisco ISD long-range plan. But that was the plan built on faulty assumptions that consistently underestimate revenue and overestimate expenditures. That plan also failed to have a finger on the pulse of the Texas Legislature. Requirements for new schools were assembled on the basis of demographic information that was a year old. The latest demographic data — which was available two months prior to the vote for the tax ratification election and bond proposals — showed a significant decrease in the student growth forecast. According to current Frisco ISD projections, it turns out that Rudy's vote to increase the M&O (maintenance and operating) rate to the maximum and send $15 million back to Austin this year in recapture was premature at best and totally unnecessary at worst. The "keyboard warriors" that The Dallas Morning News so disdained in the months prior to the TRE election were right. Rudy and The News were wrong. Again.Michelle Milholland, Frisco Murder of the middle classRe: "For contract workers, tax burden absurd," by Scott Burns, Sunday Business column.Scott Burns appears to have more awareness and concern toward average working folks than our elected representatives. To reiterate his list: no employer-paid health insurance, no vacations, no sick time, no unemployment benefits, and no 401(k). Next time you hear someone lamenting the disappearance of the middle class, please remind them that the middle class did not disappear. It was murdered.Terry Anderson, Garland  Continue reading...

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