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'Our Lady' of universal faithRe: "A devastating loss, but much was saved," Wednesday news story.Here are my thoughts about Notre Dame. Not since 9/11 have I been so moved with grief. Unlike 9/11, "Our Lady" withstood the heat so that the morning light showed the people of Paris and all of mankind that Notre Dame, though severely injured, had survived "the flames of hell." Like 9/11, the first responders rushed in to save Notre Dame. Unlike 9/11, there will be no mass "tolling of the bell." The first responders treated their task as if Notre Dame were a living and breathing human. In saving Notre Dame, the first responders saved an important part of the human experience. I predict history will one day call their effort a miracle. History will also tell how people in every corner of the world stopped and prayed that "Our Lady" would survive.Finally, I am reminded of another lady who sits in a harbor. That lady was a gift from the people of France. That lady almost did not get to bless every person who desires freedom. Every citizen of the United States of America has an opportunity to give thanks to the people of France for our Statue of Liberty. As a nation, we must lead the effort to restore "Our Lady" of universal faith — Notre Dame.Ralph Isenberg, DallasNot just an iconRe: "Paris icon burns — Accident suspected; Macron vows to rebuild 12th-century treasure," Tuesday news story.Your headline is an insult to the historic Notre Dame Cathedral. Calling the cathedral an icon is like calling The Alamo just another fort or calling the Pyramids just another sandcastle. Your headline should have read, "Notre Dame Cathedral damaged in massive fire."Hildebrand Diaz, WylieOther churches are burningPeople all over the world were watching Monday as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was burning. It was likely caused by a construction accident as workers were restoring the almost 900-year-old church. Within 24 hours, more than $700 million was pledged for repairs. Likely not so many people noticed that a few days earlier three African-American Baptist churches in Louisiana were deliberately burned to the ground. Evidence points to a young white man, the son of a sheriff's deputy, as the one who set the fires. Even more than the fire in Paris, the fires in Louisiana are the ones we should be paying attention to, for they represent a racist act done in the name of white supremacy. This is the scourge that must be eliminated from America as well as from the rest of the world.I saw a T-shirt the other day that says it all: "Love Your Neighbor ... your black, brown, white, immigrant, disabled, religiously different, LGBTQ, fully human neighbor." That's the last, best hope we've got.Roger T. Quillin, Dallas/Lake HighlandsLittle charity from O'RourkeRe: "O'Rourke shows returns — Presidential candidate and wife reported $366,000 income in '17," Tuesday news story.What a flimsy excuse from Beto O'Rourke regarding his charitable contributions. How can he put a price on his service to our country? The average contribution in the U. S. is 2 percent whereas last year he contributed about 0.3 percent.Even some of the poorest people contribute significant amounts to help others. Furthermore, O'Rourke contributes much more to PACs than to charities. This shows he is a pretender as a supporter of the poor and middle-class Americans.Stephen Wilson, RockwallChange is needed May 4Regarding the Dallas City Council, changes are needed at the horseshoe. Strengthened our police? The Dallas Police Department is short 600 to 1,000 officers from past years. Protecting families? What about a one-hour DPD response time for a recent robbery? Protecting neighborhoods? Increasing density through up-zoning in several District 13 neighborhoods such as Sparkman Estates, Melshire and the Pink Wall over the objections of property owners?Proactive? Who was leading voice at City Hall to remove the Lee statue? Principled? Bending council rules by not putting work out for competitive bidding from contractors for removal of the Lee statue? The construction crane was in place before the council voted to remove the statue.For six years, the citizens of Dallas have seen the DPD force's numbers decline along with morale. District 13's council member appears to favor developers over constituents. Just ask the homeowners. Furthermore, what about the tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars in the frenzy to remove historic statues, rename streets and schools, all without voters input?Vote May 4. Change is needed.Sharon Stone, DallasQuestions about chief's answers Re: "7 questions for the Dallas police chief," by Sharon Grigsby, Tuesday Metro & Business column.I don't know when I last read an interview and report by Sharon Grigsby that asked so much but received so little. My take from the entire column was that we have a nice, godly woman leading our Dallas Police Department who hasn't quite awakened to where she is and what she is supposed to be doing. She appears unwilling or unable to answer some questions, refers other questions to God, and asks several times and in several different ways why she may not be seen as an effective and proactive leader. The "cops in barbershops and beauty salons" gave me both a shock and a laugh. Goodness! If rebuilding a strong relationship between police and citizenry is actually her primary goal, she has a long way to go to get there. We are losing crime watch groups and participation in my part of East Dallas and quality of life issues are largely ignored. Ten years of hard work and positive relationships with both our police and our code officers are unraveling here in far east Dallas.Ellen Childress, DallasPresidential Medal recipientsI was a little disconcerted when I heard that someone of Tiger Wood's dubious moral fiber was being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. A little research found that Bill Cosby was awarded the same honor in 2002 by President George W. Bush. I feel better knowing that Woods will be in such "fine" company.John Threadgill, Dallas/Lake Highlands  Continue reading...

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