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Support Medicare for allFor some time, the paper has been carrying important and alarming medical news from the Kaiser organization. Many patients with supposedly good insurance have been hit by outrageous medical bills from services delivered by out-of-network providers over which neither insurance nor the patient has any control. This goes beyond the failure of insurance or the market. This is pure, unadulterated greed. So far, legislative relief has been lacking at the state or national level. There actually is a simple remedy. Citizens need to be proactive. Tell your elected official you support Medicare for all. If you champion for-profit insurance, Medicare for all can be accomplished while allowing for private insurance just as we have public and private education. Greed is wrecking America, especially in health care. We, the public, can support Medicare for all just as we support a strong Social Security for all.Jerry Frankel, PlanoFollow the dark moneyI just saw a scare-mongering, anti-Medicare-for-all TV commercial that had tagline paid for by onenationamerica.org, a supposed 501(c)(4) charity. But some quick research finds One Nation is a dark money group run by Karl Rove operatives who also run Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads. Initially registered with the IRS in 2010 as the Alliance for America's Future by one of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign advisers, it is now run by Steven Law, former chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.The internet can be a wonderful thing when you take the time to do a little research.James Francis, CarrolltonCampaign child care essentialRe: "Hegar seeks OK to use donations for child care — Incumbent Cornyn registers 'full support' with federal agency," June 15 Metro & Business story.I find it hard to believe that child care isn't an approved expense for political candidates and that MJ Hegar has to ask for permission to use campaign funds for that purpose. Maybe it's the outdated assumption that politicians are men with stay-at-home wives — wives who can take care of the kids while the candidate travels and keeps odd hours.How many women are deterred from running because they don't have adequate child care? Make this an automatic, and don't make women (or men) go begging for it.Marti Gayle Harvey, GarlandWhere would reparations end?Re: "House panel weighs idea of paying slaves' descendants — First hearing on issue in over a decade draws actor, writers, others," June 20 news story.Slavery represents an example of the worst in American history. But with reparations, where will it stop? Would it not be appropriate to return all land to Native American tribes and to pay for the near genocide of different tribes? Should the descendants of children who, at the age of 6, labored in sweatshops for up to nineteen hours with little or no pay and horrible working conditions during the Industrial Revolution, receive some reparation? Should women, traded as commoditized sex slaves, receive their share? And why is no one advocating for a living wage, health care, citizenship and housing for the migrant workers who help put food on our tables? Is their labor just a modern form of slavery?Cynthia Stock, GarlandJudge Biden on recent past Vice President Joe Biden shouldn't be judged today on any actions that occurred while he served as a congressional leader from Delaware. As a black college student at Washington's Howard University (1966-70), I worked three years for Congressman Wright Patman, who was chairman of the Joint Economic Committee. Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge and Mississippi Sen. John Stennis were members of this joint committee of the House and Senate. As a hearing coordinator and messenger, I was in and out of all House and Senate committee members' offices on a daily basis. I always felt comfortable interacting with these Southern members of Congress. My parents were particularly proud of the graduate school recommendation letters that Patman submitted on my behalf.As a leader in Congress, Biden had to interact with all members of Congress, and by all accounts, he was a good mediator. He may not be the best candidate to challenge President Donald Trump, but he deserves to be measured on his recent past, not his distant associates.Cordell Clark, Dallas/DowntownWhy political correctness is rightRe: "Political correctness is a flaw," by Harry Bomberger, Saturday Letters.If political correctness is our downfall, let's imagine how Mr. Bomberger would fare as he goes through his day. His boss could bark orders at him and call him a loser. At lunch, his co-workers could throw him under the bus for not stepping up. The McDonald's employee could throw his lunch on the tray and not say thank you for your business. The dry cleaner could tell him to take his order elsewhere. So, Mr. Bomberger, how do you take this lack of political correctness when someone says what they know is true?Nancy C. Mack, CarrolltonFond Scottish Rite memoriesOne of the highlights of my life (except for getting a bachelor's degree at age 84 from the University of Texas at Dallas) was that I worked for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for 20 years. Each five years was a milestone. It culminated with a gift and luncheon. Presidents J. C. Montgomery Jr. and Robert Walker, respectively, always said "hello." Every Bosses Day, I called Kirsten Tulchin-Francis to acknowledge her. It was a pleasure to work for her. I remain friends with her and Kelly Jeans. Also, there is a retiree's luncheon every November. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to attend. I do receive the quarterly newsletter with pictures of those who are yet remaining and the new. There is always a connection to the hospital. Janet Fein, RichardsonAdios and thank you, BeltreRe: "Beltre honored by friends and foes alike — Lasorda, ex-teammates laud Rangers great in person and on video," Jun 9 SportsDay story.It is truly fitting that the Texas Rangers retired Adrian Beltre's number. Beltre has been the team leader through good times and bad times. He has never tried to make himself bigger than his team or the game. He personifies the term unselfish, which is becoming a rarity in today's world of sports. He gave the game 100% and never embarrassed baseball. Only one word is needed to describe Beltre: class. Adios, Señor Beltre, and thank you.Tony Torres, Garland  Continue reading...

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