Letters — Electric Buses, Water Conservation, Boris Johnson, ‘The Squad,' Wendy Davis, Manholes

Be honest about energy pricesRe: "Do Electric Buses Add Up for Dallas? Our math short-circuits DART's rosy predictions of cost, energy efficiency," Monday Editorials.This editorial about the costs of electric buses shows why we need a price on CO2: When energy prices are honest about the costs of fuels, cleaner technologies win. When prices don't tell the truth, dirty technologies dominate. We're offloading the impacts of burning fossil fuels into the air, atmosphere and people's lungs. Those costs are real, and we pay them, just not in energy prices. Honest policy would internalize those costs into energy prices. Economists overwhelmingly support this: The Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends was signed by all former chairs of the Federal Reserve, 27 Nobel Laureate economists and many others (www.CLCouncil.org). You acknowledge that if oil prices were higher and electricity cheaper, the buses would make economic sense. We can use policy to create a gradual and predictable transition to honest pricing, giving consumers and businesses the chance to adapt to a low-carbon energy system. Or we can wait for global events to force price changes in the most unpleasant way.Congress should pass the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763) to achieve honest pricing, incentivize clean technologies, save lives and protect U.S. jobs.Ann Drumm, Dallas/UptownA free-market solutionThank you for publishing articles on climate change. Please also publish information on HR 763: the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend act. It is a well-researched, free-market solution that both conservatives and progressives can support.Patra Stroemer, ArlingtonSeek an expertGoodness. Your editorial staff now looks to fossil fuel company handouts to get facts to support editorials. I realize The Dallas Morning News has a shrinking staff, but Dallas has knowledgeable people, experts in their field, who are willing (for no cost) to inform you about certain issues related to causes of our air pollution, the global climate crisis and why electric buses are the right choice. Being an apologist for the fossil fuel industry is really beneath what I expect from an independent, world-class news provider.John Lingenfelder, PlanoHomebuilders, save waterRe: "Ripple effect saves water — UNT conservation program trains educators, who teach kids, who show parents," Monday Metro & State story.This article talks about a very interesting program at the University of North Texas that starts with teaching children about the importance of water and conservation of it and passing on to parents. My question is, why do builders still build homes with huge lawns that need water to stay beautiful and green? Why not teach xeriscape landscaping as water conservation to students as well and perhaps this concept will catch on.Barbara Wiskow, DallasBritish version of TrumpRe: "Johnson wins vote to lead U.K. — Former mayor gets Conservatives' nod to complete Brexit," Wednesday news story.Not to be outdone by one of its former colonies, the British Parliament elected its own version of President Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, as its prime minister. We will now be treated to a trans-Atlantic Punch and Judy show, as each leader tries to outdo each other in theatrics. On the other hand, both countries can now commensurate on how we went from Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to Trump and Johnson. Misery loves company.Tony Torres, GarlandWhat's more un-American?Re: "Aid for 9/11 crews clears Congress — Senate vote sends bill to revive victims fund to president's desk," Wednesday news story.What's more un-American? The four congresswomen known as the "squad" complaining about shortfalls of the United States and how we can do better, or the two senators, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, voting against the bill to renew the fund for the first responders to the 9/11 attacks? Is this a trick question?Gaylard French, WaxahachieRace not the issueThe skin color of the "squad" is totally irrelevant. The real issue is not race, but the extreme radical, socialistic views of the four women. These views are counter to everything for which this country stands. These views would be no less controversial if the members of the squad were white.Leroy Whitaker, North DallasMountain out of an anthillRegarding Sunday's letters on who should "go back," I don't like to use clichés, but there is no other way to describe the diatribe coming from the Democrats than saying they're making a mountain out of an anthill.First of all, President Donald Trump is not a racist. There is nothing in his past to indicate that. I believe he has done more for minorities in two years than President Barack Obama did in eight. Admittedly, Trump was very careless in his public message to the "squad," the four most radical U.S. representatives ever who obviously hate this country with a passion. Trump should have stopped with "if you don't like this country, just leave." Continuing with: "go back where you came from" does not make any sense but certainly does not imply racism.The Democrats are so desperate they will latch onto to any tidbit to criticize Trump because they have nothing else. The Trump economy (emphasis on Trump) is on an unprecedented roll, his international policies are proving correct and his immigration efforts are correct and would be effective if the Democrats were not fighting his every move.Between the "racism rant" and bellowing impeachment (with no basis), the Democrats have constipated Congress to the point that little is getting done.Ted Hart, FriscoDon't be fooled by DavisRe: "Davis announces congressional bid — Comeback launched 5 years after Dem lost gubernatorial race," Wednesday Metro & Business story.Wendy Davis tried to filibuster the Texas lawmaking process and she failed. She emphatically lost her challenge for governorship of Texas. Look into her political and personal record and you will find she is not worthy to represent Texas. Please don't be fooled.Steve Simon, CoppellManhole is out; what's next?Re: "Berkeley goes gender-neutral," July 19 news story.It seems that the liberals of Berkeley, Calif., have now gone off the deep end. They will no longer refer to manhole covers as such. I guess the next thing that they will do is go to all the grocery stores and demand that the stores change the name of popcorn to momcorn or peoplecorn since the word pop refers to a man.James Edward Reed, Allen  Continue reading...

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