Letters — Corruption in Government, Abuse by Priests, Presidential Qualities, Climate Change

Raise expectations for officialsReading The Dallas Morning News over the last weeks, so much corruption is the cause of so much. Politics, industry, self-entitled business magnates and the list goes on and on. Over the last few decades, this has crept into our society on all levels. As a society we have allowed it. As a public we have to ensure people are accountable for these offenses as we all get caught up in finger-pointing, self-entitlement and so forth. Stop expecting mediocrity and raise your expectations for the elected officials in all levels, contact them (it is easy with online forms and takes little time) about issues and concerns. As I often say, they work for us, not the other way around.Sydney Brainard, DallasFight abuse in church, tooRe: "Three cheers ... to El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz," by Sharon Lawler, July 20 Letters.Lawler wrote "we all need to stand up and decry this terrible treatment of people running from violence and deep poverty in their home country." Has Lawler stood up and decried the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church? Just curious if she was as outraged by the Catholic priest just convicted of sexual abuse in the El Paso Diocese.Barbara Kennedy, GarlandGolfers need not applyThere's a job opening starting Jan. 1, 2021. Here are the qualifications: a mature person who is capable of expressing the truth, displays respect for individuals and classes of people, does not mock the disabled, has proven governing experience, does not obstruct justice, is not connected to criminals, respects free speech, can work with allies toward a mutual benefit, displays high morals and ethics, can place a positive face on a national image, will appoint qualified subordinates who can be trusted to work independently, will not use the position for personal gain. Those who play weekly golf should not apply.William Holmes, McKinneyPrevious presidents spoiled usI have to admit that I think we Americans have been spoiled for hundreds of years. We are mostly accustomed to having a president who is of high moral standards, one who does not insult and call fellow Americans crude names, one who is not racist and one who welcomes diversity in all areas of life including immigration. After having the current president in office for two years, I can see how we were also spoiled by presidents with at least common decency. How low the office of president has fallen. Judy Winkler, RichardsonGet with it, CongressMost of the letters on July 21 slammed President Donald Trump for telling the "squad" to go back where you came from. I would tell them something similar but would word it in a different way. I would tell them that if you hate America so much, why not check out life in some other countries. You could start with the ones that are already under socialist rule. Of course, in those countries you wouldn't be able to bad mouth the rulers out loud. Now some Hollywood elitists promised they would move to Canada if Trump got elected president. So far, I haven't heard of any of them leaving the good old USA. Personally, I would rather see Congress start working on some major problems our country is dealing with. Things like the major crisis on our southern border, the opioid deaths, health care and gun violence. Not gun control, but the mental issues that cause mass murders.Get with it, Congress. Our country needs your help. You'll have another shot at the White House next year. God bless America and the freedoms we enjoy!Jimmie George, FarmersvilleDon't trivialize deadly heatRe: "Hotter Than the Hinges of Hades — True Texans wear sweat stains like a badge of courage," July 20 Editorials.This editorial misrepresents the reality of what all Texans face if we continue to mine and burn fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and delay the timely expansion of clean, renewable energy such as wind, solar and geothermal.The editorial should have exhorted the cities and towns of the metroplex to declare "climate emergencies" and urged their mayors to support the U.S. Conference of Mayors resolutions, "In Support of a National Price on Carbon Emissions" and "Comprehensive National Response to Climate Change."Trivializing and disguising the impacts of deadly heat waves on the public health, the infrastructure and environment by calling sweat stains a "badge of courage" worn by "true Texans" is inexcusably irresponsible.Ed Soph, DentonClimate woes are localRe: "Spike in hot days on horizon? Scorching heat waves projected to grow in Dallas, study says," July 16 news story.Thank you, Dallas Morning News, for reporting on the truth in a time when scientific facts like those surrounding the breakdown of our climate have become so contentious.This article really spells out how this global problem is indeed very local and quite imminent. For the luckiest among us, our cooling bills are going to skyrocket when a month and a half of every year is over 105 degrees Fahrenheit, but my heart really breaks for those who cannot afford adequate cooling, not to mention our fellow humans who live on the streets of Dallas.Many economists agree that putting a steadily rising fee on emissions and returning the net revenue directly to American households is the most efficient way to get carbon pollution under control, an approach known as carbon fee-and-dividend. Under this approach, individuals and businesses will unleash the full power of the U.S. economy to build a future that isn't so bleak.We have the tools to solve this problem, if we act decisively. I urge readers to press our politicians — Republican, Democrat or otherwise — to enact bipartisan carbon fee-and-dividend legislation while we still have time to avoid the absolute worst of climate change.Garrett Pennell, North Dallas  Continue reading...

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