Letters: Lee Trull, FBI, Plano Teen's Arrest, Donald Trump, NRA, Planned Parenthood

Cringing at Trull piece Re: "Outed, ousted, adrift — As #MeToo reverberates across the country, Lee Trull wants to talk about what will happen to men like him," Sunday Arts & Life story.For some reason this article left me cringing. Couldn't help but wonder if Lee Trull was sorry for his behavior or sorry those affected finally got vocal about it? It was disappointing to have to read the purple prose of a pity party: "He lay in the dentist's chair, drill whirring, mind racing. An audiobook about a serial killer played in his ear. [Did he choose it?] He felt like he was in hell." Oh, please don't pander to this man. Hell, for some, is when a person feels like he or she has to allow someone into personal space in order to get a job or keep it. Hell is being too drunk to consent and being taken advantage of anyway. The article asks if Trull should be able to go to the grocery store or a bar. Had he not plastered his picture on the front page of the Arts & Life section, many wouldn't have known who he was. Employment? He hasn't been convicted of any crime. His behavior might narrow his options, but it seems he is not without resources. Sadly this article diminished the problematic dynamic that exists in the workplace and offered no real solutions. Perhaps that's why I am cringing.Cynthia Stock, GarlandHe deserves nothingLee Trull reached out to you to present his side of his story, weeks after he had no response when the story originally broke. And really, you felt this guy deserved a front-page profile? As the parent of someone whom he contacted with inappropriate comments, I feel this guy needs no platform, no sympathy, no second chances, no full-page profile. This city is full of bright and talented theater professionals with appropriate ethics and standards. We don't need him. Don't care what happens to him. Don't want to see his name of face on a full-page story. Ever.Connie Roper, Dallas/Lake HighlandsAn insult to womenSarah Mervosh's article regarding Lee Trull's completely warranted firing from the Dallas Theater Center was an insult to every woman who came forward against him. It was irresponsible to give Trull yet another platform. And don't even get me started on the paper's decision to give him a photo shoot.The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are about giving a voice and support to victims — not to their perpetrators. So Trull is realizing the impact of his actions? Good. He should be. But he has no right to ask us "now what?" It is not the community's responsibility to make moving past this easier on him. And it's certainly not the responsibility of the actresses he harassed.We should be elevating the voices and images of those whose careers halted because of Trull — not the other way around. His prior ignorance of the impact of his actions does not excuse the fact that he abused his power, and I cannot find it anywhere within myself to feel sorry for him.Shame on him for requesting this press coverage. And shame on The Dallas Morning News for giving it to him.Jocelyn Tiner, Far North DallasPraise for the FBIRe: "Plano teen arrested in ISIS-inspired plot — He planned mass shooting at Frisco's Stonebriar mall this month, authorities say," Thursday news story.As the parent of two Plano West Senior High School graduates, I thought the arrest of the student on suspicion of plotting at mass shooting hit home. As I followed the story, one constant was the role of the FBI's North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force in averting another mass shooting. On the news all we hear are President Donald Trump's attacks on the FBI. What we don't hear are stories about the men and women of the FBI who risk their lives protecting the rest of us. So, I would like to say "thank you" to them for a job well done.Larry Goldsticker, PlanoTrump doesn't speak for usWatching Donald Trump's speech to the National Rifle Association truly frightened me, and I do not scare easily. This was not simply throwing red meat to his loyal fans, it was a virulent statement meant to further divide our nation. Every moment of this speech by the man who is supposed to be the leader and inspiration of America and the free world was totally an "us against them" rant where "them" is anyone who disagrees with Trump, regardless of the welfare of the nation and the rule of law. I am frightened that his audience could be easily be turned into Stormtroopers and march in the streets to destroy his enemies: liberals, immigrants, Democrats, LGBT individuals, women's rights advocates and all reasonable people. If Trump speaks for this nation that I chose to immigrate to in 1978, I am deeply concerned for the survival of democracy in the United States of America.Dr. Irwin Segal, North DallasReasonable gun restrictionsI understand the NRA's position that any restriction on our Second Amendment rights constitutes a slippery slope where people's right to bear arms is endangered. However, I'm sure that no responsible gun owner would want the mentally ill or terrorists to have access to guns. So, how do you decide who is unfit to own a gun — the veteran with PTSD, the people under psychiatric care, the spouse beater, the dog torturer?It seems to me that this convention would have been better served exploring what restrictions the NRA can abide rather than the group spending time beating its chest about how it needs to protect itself and the Constitution.Christina Ball, Dallas'Cruz,' not boosRe: "Trump embraces NRA — 'We have to win the midterms,' he stresses," Saturday news story.You got this wrong when saying, '''Full endorsement for this man, Ted Cruz,' as cheers, hoots and whistles mixed with boos in the hall."Those weren't boos. Apparently the writer has never been to a Cruz rally, or sporting event. People are yelling "Cruuuuze" just like we yelled "Booooo" for Steve "Boo" Buechele.Maurice Johnson, Farmers BranchStuck in the middleThe NRA was just in town, and its political clout was on display. The NRA elicits strong emotional responses from its opponents, much like Planned Parenthood does from its opponents. It is reported that nearly 40,000 people died from gun violence last year in the U.S. (more than 50 percent due to suicides), while Planned Parenthood performed over 300,000 abortions nationwide. Both the NRA and Planned Parenthood are well-funded and use their financial strength to influence our national politicians. Both organizations wield tremendous political clout for their respective causes. But I have to wonder how many Americans find themselves caught somewhere in the middle, not fully supporting the agenda of either of these organizations? Are both of these organizations evil and misguided? Or neither? Tom Hopkins, Garland  Continue reading...

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