Letters: Laura Miller, Dallas City Council, Venezuela, National Emergency

Welcoming Miller to the District 13 race Re:"Miller will run against Gates — Former mayor to face 3-term incumbent in race for District 13," Saturday news story.When Laura Miller was mayor, I attended a meeting about her plan for the Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay. I heard an audience member say, "I feel like I live in a different neighborhood and I haven't moved." I certainly feel that way now that out-of-state developers and others are bringing unbridled density literally to my back door. I am counting on Miller to continue her long-stated support of livable neighborhoods and bring her voice of reason to the development table in District 13.Sherrie Hull, Dallas/Preston HollowMake sure election coverage is fairI support Laura Miller for City Council and would like your reporting to be fair and balanced. Miller is not against development, she's for thoughtful development. We need a council person who represents the neighbors and not just developers. Redevelopment is coming and it should be thoughtful, planned out and best for all parties.Ashley Parks, DallasPro-neighborhood is not anti-developmentI take exception to your misleadingly headlined letters about Laura Miller. I know from my own experience that Miller is pro-neighborhood, not anti-development. As an architect, I support continued development; it is how my profession earns its keep. However, as a 20-plus year resident of the area near Preston Center, I am very protective of my neighborhood. As my area's representative appointed by Council member Jennifer Gates, I participated in a yearlong effort with an advisory task-force to create an Area Plan for this area. It is now puzzling and concerning to me that Gates seems to support developments that disregard the very plan she initiated. I am eager to see thoughtful development that continues to improve the Preston Center area, transforming it into the thriving, walkable community-focused area. However, building traffic-inducing office towers adjacent to single family homes is not the way to get there. I join Miller in supporting the right kind of development, and I am grateful to her for stepping up to be the voice of the neighborhood.Betsy del Monte, DallasProtesting monument decision by visiting elsewhereRe: "Rebel memorial to go — In 11-4 vote, council starts process toward removing monument," Feb. 14 news story.I would like to share with Mayor Mike Rawlings why I will think twice about coming to Dallas for any shopping or events. When your Council voted 11-4 for the removal of the next Confederate statue, knowing it would cost Dallas $485,000 (if all goes as planned), I was shocked. It seems nothing was learned from the last fiasco. I am saddened to hear this kind of money is not more importantly spent on the Dallas Police Department. So, because of this decision and the ripple affect of DPD already not having enough police to protect the streets of Dallas, we will look for shopping and entertainment elsewhere first and only as a last option, come to Dallas. The Council as a whole needs to be looked at for how much it has brought down the city of Dallas down, instead of building it up. #BacktheBlue.Cindi Clarke, LewisvilleSpeech aimed at foreign military is wrongRe: "Trump to military: Back Guaidó — President courts expats in Florida as he pushes for Maduro's exit," Tuesday news story. It is a mystery to me why President Donald John Trump thinks it is okay to make a speech directly aimed at the military of Venezuela urging them to overthrow the government. How is this different from Russia interfering in the political affairs of the United States? This is collusion on a grand scale. Ron Nelson, Dallas/Kessler ParkOverride president's wall declarationRe: "Trump declares emergency — Trump's wall move splits Republicans," Saturday news story.The president declares the situation at the border a "national emergency" and then goes off to play golf at Mar-a-Lago, but not before admitting he "didn't need to do this." The president asserts his wall will stem the flow of drugs into this country, and then makes plans to divert dollars from drug interdiction programs to build his wall. The president points to history and claims other presidents have designated national emergencies as well, although none have asked Congress for funding for a project, been denied it, and then attempted to use emergency powers to circumvent the legislature's control over the government's purse.Our senators must vote to override President Trump's declaration when it is sent to them from the House.Suzanne Siegel, Far North DallasDon't mess with Texas borderAs President Donald Trump prepares to use his imagined executive authority to confiscate private property along the border, including a church, for his idiotic border wall, he should keep one thought in mind: don't mess with Texas.Tony Torres, GarlandListen to the will of constituentsAs a constituent of Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and Rep. Kenny Marchant, I implore them to listen to the people they represent and stand up to the president. There is no emergency at our border, and no one knows this better than Texas. This is an unconstitutional power grab by an out-of-control president, and no one knows this better than my own senators. In 2014, Sen. Ted Cruz said, "It's incumbent on Republicans in Congress to use every single tool we have to defend the rule of law, to rein in the president, so that the president does not become an unaccountable monarch imposing his policies." I agree with my Senator. It is time to remind the 45th that he is indeed a president and not a king. Please put a stop to this madness today.  Continue reading...

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