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Protect our homelandRe: "Castro calls for citizenship path for millions of immigrants — Candidate would rescind travel ban and decriminalize illegal entry into the U.S.," Wednesday news story.Democratic presidential hopefuls are playing a dangerous game with our national security when it comes to their proposals to deal with our current illegal immigration crisis. Having enforced our immigration laws for over 30 years, this I know is certain: post 9/11, true security is found in knowing who is inside your country, who chooses to commit to American ideals and values, i.e. citizenship, and who intends to use our own sloppiness and naivete to destroy us. Trading our homeland's security for political points with certain fringe groups with loud voices only makes us more vulnerable as a nation. These wrongheaded politicians apparently hold U.S. sovereignty in very little regard, let alone our laws.Bob Wallis, Pittsburg, TexasOffer immigration recommendationRe: "Discuss immigration solutions," by Mike Parks, Monday Letters.I agree with Parks regarding discussing the immigration solutions and his suggestion to you to provide a review outlining the issue in full including the immigration laws and opinions as to a fair resolution. I, too, am sick and tired of the divisive hate speeches and would love to see a reasoned recommendation that changes the debate in favor of solutions. Diane Gentile, DallasWhat's Abbott doing here?As a longtime resident of Plano, I am wondering why Gov. Greg Abbott is stepping into our local city council elections and endorsing candidates. He apparently has made endorsements for at least two candidates who appear to be backed by an Empower Texans front group — Plano Citizens Coalition. Since when has it been appropriate for a state governor to step into local, nonpartisan elections with a partylike endorsement? Is this a new thing for Abbott to start endorsing city council candidates all over the state? Or is it only in Plano, where the wife of the state attorney general is the recently elected state senator? For such a high-level endorsement, what was the quid pro quo from the local candidate?Jeffrey Quiggle, PlanoToo many security clearancesRe: "More clearances now questioned — Whistleblower: Dozens were granted after career officials found reason to deny them," Tuesday news story.President Donald Trump could not get within moonshot distance of being granted a security clearance on his own, yet he got one automatically because of his position. So it seems he then pondered, "If I have security clearance, why should anyone around me not have it?" Thus we now have some 25 unqualified persons in his administration who are at risk of being manipulated, extorted, blackmailed or otherwise controlled by foreign powers. Not to worry, though — look how well that has worked out for us with Mr. "No Collusion" himself.Bill Halstead, Far North DallasThe joke is on U.S.President Donald Trump continues his border security tirades, pointing out the swarming hordes of interlopers, most of whom are reportedly highly dangerous women and children. The latest group that left was under 2,400 people, yet according to Fox and Trump and the ever-faithful GOP sycophants it will be 20,000 before they get here and begin Trump's predicted pillaging and crimes only the Vikings could have matched. Most will be armed with only a spare set of clothes, diapers and maybe a few pesos when they get here. Meanwhile, we now learn that the White House managed to have another 25 staffers obtain security clearances without proper vetting. These are people high up in the government arena since they have Trump's ear. What will GOP toadies like Sen. Lindsey Graham and his ilk do? Nothing. They'll still be fomenting over the Mueller issue and adding more redactions than you'd find in top-secret nuclear documents. This administration is a joke perpetrated on America, but enabled by the purported party of justice and the Constitution — the Republicans, who fail on both counts and so many others. Sad.Chuck Elkins, PlanoDismissive tone objectionableWhile I'm disappointed that The Dallas Morning News recommended Chad Patton over Inna Dietrich for Southlake City Council Place 3, I'm more upset by the dismissive tone of the article. We "personable and passionate" moms "focused largely on school volunteerism" should have a voice in how our city is managed. Many of us have applied — and been dismissed — for municipal positions in Southlake. Dietrich owns a business, manages a real estate property and volunteers in our community. Best of all, she is a mom. Southlake needs someone who doesn't view every inch of vacant land as potential revenue, who will protect green spaces like the Bob Jones Nature Center without turning it into a cash cow through a proposed event space. You dismissed our views on sidewalks, an initiative Southlake's website describes as "a top priority for Southlake residents." The list of priority sidewalks are estimated to cost $551,000. A community newsletter states that the "2018-19 budget for art alone is estimated to be $459,000." Are statues more important than kids being safe walking to school? Don't dismiss us personable, passionate moms. We'll be voting in droves in May — for Inna.Angie Darden, SouthlakeWilonsky is dynamiteI was sad when columnists Steve Blow, James Ragland and Jacquielynn Floyd left the newspaper. I loved reading each of their columns and was sure you wouldn't find a good replacement. Wrong — Robert Wilonsky is dynamite. I read every column without skipping anything. He portrays everything happening in Dallas and not just the good things. His recent article about the "drug hotel" was heartbreaking.I grew up in Oak Cliff and find his articles about what's happening there of value to me since they often mention places I grew up seeing every day.Please keep him around for a long time.Ann Nash, Richardson  Continue reading...

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