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What is Trump doing?Every time I think that President Trump has gone too far, he proves me wrong. His latest personal vendetta was to suggest to Israel that two members of the U.S. Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, be barred from entering Israel. Israel apparently agrees. Although I am a firm supporter of Israel, the partnership between Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu has entered a new and dangerous phase. If members of Congress are denied access to visiting Israel, how can the United States ensure that our national and military interests there, not to mention the billions of dollars in foreign aid, are being well served? It is high time that the legislative branch steps up to balance the executive branch. All aid to Israel should be suspended until Israel rescinds this ban against members of Congress. The president should be censured for asking a foreign government to discriminate against members of our own national Legislature. Will this president ever grow up?Bob Franklin, Far North DallasThese rules work in IsraelRe: "America and its guns — In Israel, thousands of young men carry assault rifles. Why don't they commit mass shootings?" by Abraham Gutman, Thursday Viewpoints.This opinion piece about the presence of Israeli guns needs clarification. In Israel there is, as the writer points out, the common presence of many individual weapons, even assault rifles. The thing he doesn't specify is that the weapons are licensed and frequently belong to the Israeli military, which controls issuance of ammunition, and the bearer wears a uniform. In the private sector, all guns are registered. A license must be awarded by the government to an individual in advance of purchase. Forty percent of the requests are rejected. Further, an individual may have only 50 rounds of ammo in his possession at any time. To purchase more ammo, one must turn in the spent brass for the number of rounds to be purchased. These are basically the same ammunition rules that govern the U.S. military. No U.S.-owned weapons have been involved in mass shootings, so this is apparently effective. As a gun owner and military retiree, I would accept these rules without question. Licensing and operating a weapon has the same type of responsibility as driving an automobile. Let's look at it from that perspective, which is in accord with the Second Amendment.Charles Fred Smith, PlanoTime is now for term limitsRegarding term limits for U.S. Congress, the time is right for change. We have witnessed gridlock, polarization and no compromising in our federal legislative system. Our government was not created to be a career path, but instead, a duty to perform in the manner of the ancient Roman statesman, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. He represented civic virtue in government and was the role model for President George Washington. Most of the Founding Fathers had strong feelings that the U. S. Constitution needed to have term limitations written in to this important document. This is the unfinished business that needs to be transacted now. That is why I am asking all fellow Texans and all Americans to endorse a proposal for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution:Hereby propose to enact into the U.S. Constitution an amendment on term limitations for senators and representatives as the following: two terms for Senators equaling 12 years; and three terms for House of Representatives equaling 6 years.Please contact your local representative in the Texas State House or your local state house. We need your support. Stuart L Rosenberg, Fort WorthStep up to fight TBRe: "New anti-TB drug OK'd — It's only third approved in 40 years to beat highly resistant disease," Thursday news story.Wonderful news for those with highly drug-resistant tuberculosis. This condition most often results from inadequate treatment of conventional tuberculosis. This news should help to focus on the much larger problem of tuberculosis infecting tens of millions of persons worldwide with active and latent forms of the illness. The world is on the cusp of taking steps to eradicate this much larger health problem, if only the proper resources are allocated. The leading agency working toward this eradication is The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, created in 2002 and attributed to saving 27 million lives since that time, is now seeking replenishment of funds in October 2019. The U.S. is its most important and largest funder, and the leader of getting donations from many other countries of the world through its action and commitment. The U.S. House has included in its budget the necessary funding to continue this leadership, but the Senate remains to be heard from, so it is very important to contact Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and urge them to support the House level of funding in the FY 2020 budget.Martin White, Dallas/Turtle CreekPill is not the problemRe: "Councilman balks at funding center — Official objects to Plan B pill as rape crisis option," Tuesday Metro & Business story.What on earth is the matter with the Plano mayor pro-tem? He needs to understand what the "Plan-B" pill does. If his daughter were raped, would he want her to have a child from that encounter? This is not an abortion issue, this is a mental and physical health issue. The person who has suffered from assault of this highly personal and physical nature should not have to deal with a nine-month reminder of that assault and then be required to raise and care for the result of that assault. Supplying the "Plan-B" pill is just compassion and common sense. I understand somewhat the anti-abortion stand, but caring for the unborn is not near the problem that caring for the already born can be. There are so many children who are neglected, abused, hungry or abandoned who need society's care and concern. We should put some of the zealous energy applied to the anti-abortion issue into the problem of the already born, who are not wanted or whose parents cannot or will not care for them.Marian Jeanne Lorance, Garland  Continue reading...

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