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Viable path to citizenshipRe: "Why does U.S. fear immigrants? Leaders must make decisions based on science, serve as moral compass for the world," by Alex R. Piquero, Tuesday Viewpoints.Piquero distilled the immigration issue spot-on - the fears, the problems and the solutions needed. Why can't our Congress figure that out and legislate the solutions he presented?1.) We need a viable path to citizenship. 2.) We need to pay careful attention to who's coming in. 3.) We need effective border security.Perhaps Congress is focused on more outlandish issues and bashing one another than on the kitchen table items that really matter.Steven Barker, McKinneyWho gets care first?To Alex Piquero, I do not fear immigrants. What I consider, when it comes to immigration, is the stress illegal immigration puts on public resources. The news showed a man asking for medical attention for his daughter the moment he stepped off the bus in this country, a man who paid not one cent into our system. Yet, we have citizens, some who have worked here for decades, who cannot afford health care or specialty drugs. Our country ponders what to do with the homeless population that seems to be increasing while it is trying to feed, house, and protect children who arrive at the border without adults. Who should be taken care of first? This is the issue. Not fear. Then there is the legality issue. Many refer to the Bible when the issue of compassion is mentioned in relation to immigration. The Bible also states a man shall obey the law of the land. It is not about fear.Cynthia Stock, GarlandA brazen attackAs a Muslim, I strongly condemn the barbarous act of the terrorists in Sri Lanka. These murderers of innocent people have abdicated any connection to the human family. Acts of terrorism are mostly political, perpetrated to advance political ends. I know of no religion that advocates the killing of innocent people. The vicious act was nothing but a brazen attack on the entire faith of Christianity. What makes it even more tragic is the fact that it took place on the holiest day of the largest religion in the world. Every human being, regardless of his/her creed, national origin, race or ethnicity should condemn this savagery and pray for the victims and their survivors. Aziz Budri, ColleyvilleCruz doesn't speak for 49 percentRe: "Cruz slammed for mocking Disney's $5 million pledge," Thursday news story.I am appalled by Sen. Ted Cruz's reaction to the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral. The rest of the world reacted with shock, grief, sadness and the hope that the damage could be repaired. Cruz reacted with a juvenile attempt at humor that embarrassed not only Texas but the the entire United States. I hope all the French people who read that idiotic tweet do not judge all Texans and Americans harshly. I will say to them: Cruz barely won his Senate race and as a result, we now know does not speak for 49 percent of Texans. He has always claimed to be a Christian. His statement was not funny, not kind and absolutely not Christian in any way.Anne Stone, Dallas/Lower GreenvilleUBS's loss is our gainRe: "Congress was UBS audition," by Fred R. Neary, Sunday Letters.I am in my 92nd year, had a stroke and was waiting for a letter like Fred Neary's. I was in a group of former Marines in 1992 (or 1991) when in walked Jeb Hensarling and a backer to plug for Hensarling for Congress, though the group is apolitical. All I can add is that UBS's loss is our gain. Hensarling knows nothing about everything and is a Republican hack, in my opinion.Bernard Kaye, PlanoBe reasonable on climateI was in high school for the first Earth Day and remember the dire predictions of 100 to 200 million people starving to death and that the earth would be 11 degrees warmer by the year 2000. This was followed by Al Gore telling us in 2006 that the sea level would rise by 20 feet. I guess he's planning to live on the third floor of the beachfront mansion he purchased after making that irresponsible claim. Now, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Osacio-Cortez's Green New Deal tells us we need to retrofit every building to make them energy-efficient. I understand that there is work to be done, but if you want to get people on board, stop screaming the sky is falling and come up with a reasonable, workable plan that rational people can support.Tom Chambers, PlanoWhat would Republicans do?An interesting thought. If President Barack Obama had lied and been as deliberately deceptive as President Donald Trump appears to be in the Mueller report, the Republican Congress would have been howling for his impeachment. Almost comical.Judy Winkler, RichardsonTrump's kindergarten failureAs I watch the fallout from the Mueller report with certain persons disingenuously glossing over its contents and the Democrats debating whether it would be politically prudent to impeach the president, I am reminded of a profound little book called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Most of us learned at an early age basic right and wrong principles such as play fair, don't hit people and tell the truth. To me it's very simple: Trump did not learn his childhood lessons. Game over.Linda Johnston Arage, WaxahachieMueller report's important revelationsThe adage "Where there's smoke, there's fire" applies to the investigation that produced the Mueller report. There were billowing clouds of suspicion before and after the 2016 election. Only a fool would refuse to look for fire - Russian interference. While I'm super-glad the report found no evidence of Russian-American conspiracy, I'm dismayed at the number of fools, err, people who believe the Mueller report was a waste of time.Dwight Bartholomew, Northeast Dallas  Continue reading...

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