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Look past the online worldRe: "An Assault on Society - Only by confronting violent people can we stop these attacks," Wednesday Editorials.I could not agree more with your statement that many mass killers are just seeking notoriety and the press can assist by denying them the popularity they seek. I wish more news outlets exercised responsible journalism like The Dallas Morning News. But this is a reflection of a larger problem in our society. We no longer measure the worth of a person by their character or accomplishments but by their popularity or notoriety. And for the most part, we do not care how they achieved that notoriety, even if it is through shooting up a school or church. Some say it is the result of our constant online presence. They say we live in an online world and that is what matters to many. We have seen children take their own lives because of online statements. We need to teach our children and students to live outside the online world and that character and accomplishments are what matters. It would be refreshing to see the media focus more on those individuals who have shown character and accomplishment and less on those trying to gain notoriety.Brent Cooper, ArlingtonYou named the attackerRe: "An Assault on Society - Only by confronting violent people can we stop these attacks," Wednesday Editorials and "Courthouse guards praised," by Gary Russell," Wednesday Letters.In this editorial, your editorial board wrote, "... for some shooters, the notoriety or infamy that comes from perpetrating an attack appears to be a motivating factor." Yet you not only gave the name of the attacker, you put his picture in the paper. Even though he was killed, others may follow his example because of the notoriety he receives. The Proprietary Security Officers who confronted and stopped the shooter were not mentioned in your article and they should have been. They should have been praised for their brave service. According to Russell's letter, they should be in-sourced and federalized. I agree with his assessment.JoAnn Jackson, GrapevineTemper vitriolic lettersRe: "Where will Sanders land?" by Ronald Paris, and "Who is picking our leaders?" by Jack Bowen, Wednesday Letters.Your editorial laments, "What we aren't addressing is the vitriol that passes for public debate, the vitriol on social media and elsewhere that to a depraved few seems to justify a desire for violence." Yet in the same day's Letters column, you publish a vitriolic letter that bashes the retiring Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "She is very adept at insulting people. I would suggest she could succeed Rush Limbaugh. He could give some advice and be her consultant."Another letter writer sarcastically spews additional hatred, "I like how Republicans believe in democracy and how the religious right believes the Lord is picking our leaders." DMN editors, if you truly want to "develop a greater willingness to confront those with a propensity towards violence," you might adopt an editorial and letters policy that tempers the leftist hate mail that you not only publish but appear to encourage.Bill Ames, Far North DallasOn God's authorityRe: "Who is picking our leaders?" by Jack Bowen, Wednesday Letters.The writer chastises the Republicans and Christians over our elected president who among other things is supposedly open to foreign interference on our elections. Never mind that after the 2016 elections, the Democrats allowed foreign-sourced materials to interfere in the governing of our country by supporting the Mueller probe. But as to the writer's point on who is picking our leaders, the Bible says in Romans 13:1 "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God." That goes not only for President Donald Trump, but for his predecessor. I hope that clears the confusion.Salomon Tristan, GarlandSanders handled job with gracePublishing the politically biased cartoon Tuesday that portrays Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a liar is disgraceful. Hostile work environment does not even begin to describe what she encountered every day as press secretary to the sea of reporters looking to further their careers with a leading question or out-of-context quote. Instead, she performed her job with poise and grace. Something that those with a different political viewpoint would be wise to remember.Jeffrey Jayson, Dallas/M StreetsGreat Father's Day essayRe: "My dad couldn't say he loved me. I vowed to do better. A family with a patriarch who connected best with books and art persevered, and that's worth noting," by Christopher De Vinck, Sunday Points.Kudos to The Dallas Morning News for printing this Father's Day essay. The author has proven to be one of the most epigrammatic, sententious essayist in America and I hope we get to read more of his sensitive and thoughtful writings.Larry W. White, DallasAnd double that for twinsRe: "Now I understand paternity leave -- We must think of family as a unit, and dads are a key part of that equation," by Kenneth Hersh, Sunday Points.Thank you for this column about paternity leave. He understands almost everything about maternity and paternity leave. One thing needs to be added: Parents of twins need twice the time.Nesha Morey, ArlingtonWe all make mistakesRe: "Bring back 'Non Sequitur,'" by Tom Naylor, Saturday Letters.I agree most wholeheartedly that you should bring back Non Sequitur. As a Dallas Morning News reader of over 30 years, I always start my day with the comics and had become truly a fan of the strip. I think too much was made of something I couldn't see even though I tried. We all make mistakes. Surely you can forgive and let us go back to enjoying Wiley Miller's art.Michael D. Kendrick, GarlandWhat about forgiveness?The Good Book promotes the forgiveness of sin, a chance for redemption. Thus, it does not follow that The Dallas Morning News should permanently banish the highly intelligent and most amusing comic strip, Non Sequitur. Ed Kominski, Weatherford  Continue reading...

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