Letters: Green New Deal, Rep. Kenny Marchant, Beto O'Rourke, Electoral College

Argue fairly about Green New DealRe: "Green New Deal is reckless — Democrats' plan will bankrupt nation and have no effect on climate," Monday Viewpoint.Excuse me, sir, but I take some issue with this column. I find most of your comments on the Green New Deal to be hyperbole and misleading at best. "No airplane, home or cow is safe"? Seriously? We need to work together to solve the climate changes that threaten our coasts and livelihoods. I thank you for not denying that climate change is a problem. However, I do not find mandating upgrades for current buildings and new construction will "bankrupt America." If you, sir, are serious about bettering this country, why are you not reaching out to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and trying to reconcile the things you see as overreach? I do recall several votes you made to repeal the Affordable Care Act. That would have thrown millions of Americans off of their health insurance plans (with protections for pre-existing conditions). And it would have cost millions of people their life savings. You claim that the Democrats would tax the middle class. Wrong. They would want the corporations and wealthy to pay their fair share.Mark Vonnahme, IrvingSwayed by oil and gas industry?Is it surprising that Rep. Kenny Marchant dismisses the Green New Deal seeing as how he received $71,000 from the oil and gas industry in 2017-18? The real tip-off that Marchant serves the industry is that he offers no policies, as does the Green New Deal, to address the looming reality of climate change. Instead, he blithely mentions a few "ideas worthy of debate." In the oil and gas playbook, "debate" is synonymous with continued delay and diversion, not with timely actions to address the huge social, economic and environmental costs that will only worsen the longer we believe and trust folks like Marchant. That is really reckless.Ed Soph, DentonIs debate really on the table?Congressman Kenny Marchant commentary is disingenuous at best. First, he opens with "Encouraging carbon capture technology, carbon taxes and state clean energy programs are all ideas worthy of debate." Yet in 2018, he voted against carbon tax proposals. Over time, Marchant has demonstrated he is a shill for oil and gas interests (along most of the Texas GOP) and that he will oppose anything perceived to harm fossil fuel industry.The next step of his disingenuous commentary is the classic setup: a straw man caricature of the Green New Deal, clutching his pearls — oh we can't fly, eat meat, it'll bankrupt the country — when he knows that should this ever work through Congress, the "rough edges" will be gone.Richard Rundstein, RichardsonProposal is beginning, not endThe Green New Deal and the resulting Republican knee-jerk reaction cracks me up. The process for making a deal does not start with both sides at their expected ending point. It starts with both sides making pie in the sky proposals and then negotiating a settlement somewhere in the middle. Republicans should not worry about this process as they have the self-described king of the deal at the helm. Perhaps his failure up to now to get either Mexico or working-class Americans to pay for the wall has them worried that the king of the deal has lost his touch.Kenneth Mathias, Grand PrairieQuestioning coverage of BetoRe: "When Beto was Robert — O'Rourke, schoolmates recall his transformative time at boarding school," Monday news story.I do not understand why Beto O'Rourke's extremely expensive Ivy League high school education deserves to be front page news, above the fold. This promotional article is certainly not news, it is a political ad!Gay Carrington, DallasGive candidates equal coverageWhat is with the love affair between Robert "Beto" Francis O'Rourke and The Dallas Morning News? So he conveniently went by his given name at the expensive private school and dropped the "Beto" to fit in. Now he has conveniently gone back to the Hispanic nickname to garner Latino support. Let's give all the Democrat candidates some coverage, and not tilt so far to your favorite. In the end, it won't matter, because President Trump will win again in a landslide. He, although bombastic at times, is actually achieving things that actually help our country — great economy, trade deals improving, energy independence, excellent Supreme Court judges appointed and the illegal immigration issue is at the apex of discussions with resolute action. As another column reported, do not underestimate this man. Polls are invalid as the media attempts to shame Trump supporters.Anton Skell, PlanoDon't forget Electoral College roleRe: "Don't dismiss Trump's support," by Gromer Jeffers, Monday Metro.Jeffers may be trying to alert Democrats to not take a Democratic win in 2020 for granted, which is appreciated, but I wish he had reminded us of how President Trump was elected. He did not win the national popular vote by the votes in those swing states. He won because he won their electoral votes.So the question in 2020 is not if Trump can win the popular vote again — there is no "again" in the formula — but if there will be still be the anti-Democratic-Party-and-their-candidate voters ready to go to the polls and vote for Trump. I just wish Jeffers, for whom I have great respect, would have taken time to remind us that the presidential electoral system is about an oligarchy of electors trumping the democratic will of a majority of the voters and that, among the democracies of the world, we are the only one still electing our chief executive by 18th century rules.Stephen Love, Northwest Dallas  Continue reading...

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