Letters: Elizabeth Warren, Beto O'Rourke, Republicans and ‘socialism' Label, Affordable Housing

Break up tech giants?Re: "Warren calls for breakup of tech giants - They have too much control of economy, people's lives, she says," Saturday news story.Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes breaking up the biggest U.S. technology companies and claims "they have too much power over our economy, our society and our democracy." How ironic considering she works for the U.S. government. At least these corporations improve our quality of life, create real jobs and real wealth for Americans. Her bloated employer violates our privacy far beyond these corporations, sucks wealth out of everything productive, wastes our tax dollars, enriches itself and produces nothing while wielding more power over American lives than any corporation ever could. How about reducing the size of the federal government first?Chris Hill, AllenBeto disappoints meAs a strong supporter of Beto O'Rourke in his run against Sen. Ted Cruz, I am now disappointed at his indecisiveness and inability to see the larger picture and do what is right for the Democratic Party by choosing to run against Sen. John Cornyn. He has proven himself unready for prime time for either a run for the presidency or the Senate by playing coy and wasting valuable time. Perhaps another time, Beto, perhaps. John Zeigler, Dallas'Socialist' label dangerously ignorantIf it weren't so sad that Americans are ignorant as to the "socialist" battle cry Republicans foist on them, it would be funny. Unfortunately it is a stupid, dangerous ploy playing to an ill-informed and uncomprehending base. We have a form of socialism in Medicare and Social Security, truly great benefits for all, despite the GOP attempts to destroy them both. The "isms" that should worry us are fascism and communism. Oddly, President Donald Trump worships and admires fascist and communist leaders. Most Trump supporters are old enough to remember the Cold War, yet they fawn over a man who is as dangerous to this country as the Soviet Union was and Russia now is. So before you continue buying into the inane tactics by the Republicans to liken socialism to a death knell for the United States, think again. You'll realize the problem is in the Oval Office.Chuck Elkins, PlanoHold the industry accountableRe: "Today's fossil fuels," by Karen Schmidtke, March 7 Letters.Schmidtke's letter is a bit early to be an April fool joke. She would have us believe that unless we continue to burn oil and gas, we cannot manufacture plastics from oil and gas. Good. If true that would provide even more impetus to the companies that are making eco-friendly replacements for plastics. The oil and gas industry must be held accountable for its destruction of air, water and climate, and its attempts to destroy logic.Christine A. Guldi, DallasAsset forfeiture is overreachRe: "'It can't be legal. It can't be constitutional' -- Asset forfeiture is indeed tyranny -- and it must be stopped by the states," by Tom Giovanetti, March 3 Points.Buried in the back of the Points section is this column of real significance about over-reaching government and property seizures. Persons acquitted of a crime still cannot get their property back? What country is this? Seems simple enough - if a site is common for crimes in the middle of the night when the owner cannot possibly be involved, the law enforcement knows exactly where the criminal is going to be. Go get them! But somehow the property and or location is blamed. That makes no sense. Regular folks are losing at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us -- and nobody seems to know or care.Rich Rigsby, WylieFind the will to changeRe: "Core values -- A boom in lower- and middle-income housing holds key to Dallas' economic success," by J.H. Cullum Clark, March 3 Points.In the essay on housing affordability the author uses the word "should" 10 times. Until that is replaced by the word "will" by those with the means to make it happen, little will change in Dallas or any number of other places. I'm reminded of the words of the sage of Mount Vernon (Texas, that is): "If ifs and buts were candies and nuts oh..."Lynn Adams, Garland  Continue reading...

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