Letters: Dreamers, Border Wall, Beto O'Rourke, Press Briefings, North Dallas Tollway, Black Toilets

What's Trump's next hostage situation?Re: "Protect Dreamers and Build the Wall - We can all win if both sides compromise," Jan. 18 Editorials.The Dallas Morning News editorial board states President Donald Trump's "...opponents on the left are being less than honest when they suggest that any attempt to secure our southern border with a physical barrier is un-American or immoral."Did The News forget that the Democrats along with a number of Republicans, and lots of other folks knowledgeable in that area, stated that a wall would not work (tunnels and ladders) because most of the really bad guys come in through airports, because of its high cost and that it's immoral as well? Trump has refused reasonable compromises in the past, even those presented by his own party, because he wants his "big, beautiful wall." But paying for the wall, as Trump wants it, is simply appeasing a despot of a president, who acts like a petulant infant.What will he hold us hostage over next? Maybe he will want us to finance his next "Trump" branded hotel?Yvette Sedlewicz, GarlandNo due process hereWhen dark-skinned people living in terrible conditions travel north to find a better life, but are immediately deported back at the border without a fair trial and due process, it sounds more like the Dred Scott case ("universally condemned as the U.S. Supreme Court's worst decision") than the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution "[no person shall be] deprived of life, liberty, ... without due process of law."Joel Graber, RichardsonOh boy, more Beto!Re: "O'Rourke on the road again - Former lawmaker wrestles with 'funk,' dines solo in small towns, stirs buzz about possible campaign," Monday news story.Oh boy, I just can't get enough of Beto, whether he's in the dentist chair or in a Kansas diner! With perhaps 30 or 40 more Democrats opting to run for president in 2020, will we be inundated with these types of stories? On the front page no less! There is another article on Page B1 featuring O'Rourke and Democrat Julian Castro. It's long past the time you need to change your name to The Dallas Democrat. What is your estimate of the value of your "in-kind contributions" for all these articles? Will you police their campaign accounting to ensure they report all this help? Loved your "...no political calculus." Of course, none needed, as you will provide the calculus, free of charge!Robert E. Kunkle, McKinneyTrump undermines U.S. securityRe: "White House ends daily press briefings," Wednesday Washington Briefs.Our democracy is in serious peril. One more area of transparency and accountability just fell with the ending of press briefings. The president has shut out everyone and assumed dictatorial powers. History shows us that many democracies have fallen because the gatekeepers (Congress) and the public overlooked the warning signs of power-hungry leaders. It's critical that the Senate get some backbone and override him. Our national debt is catastrophic while millions are suffering. President Donald Trump brags that he's protecting our security while making us less secure every day our protectors are unable to work. This is wrong, unnecessary and dangerous. We need to contact our senators every single day to demand that they do something. We elected them to work for us, not for Trump!Carol Stephenson, MesquiteWhy does toll road traffic stop?Please somebody explain to me why we have stop-and-go traffic every morning on the North Texas toll roads. There aren't any stop signs. There aren't any traffic lights. But for some reason, we are stop-and-go all morning. I'm sure we all would like to be cruising at the speed limit. So what's stopping us?I get off at Wycliff and there's no traffic jam there. So I'm paying $40 a month to sit in traffic. I can do that on any regular highway. I am going to explore other routes to the office but I know it's going to take even more time. So can somebody please explain to me how a toll road ends up being a parking lot every morning? The far right lane has an excuse with people leaving and coming on to the toll road, but the rest of us should be sailing right along.Cindy Ann Rubin, DallasDallas school buildings: Sad!Re: "In Dallas, design choices are everyone's business - Your city says something about your values, accomplishments and aspirations, Roger Harris says," Jan. 14 Viewpoints.I could not agree more with Harris' comments. I have yet to be with someone passing by a number of the Dallas ISD school buildings built in the last major phase of construction and not have agreement by everyone in the car that the school buildings, while new, qualify as truly ugly. In most neighborhoods the school is the major structure in the area. There was an opportunity to have those major buildings' design lift up the areas but instead, in neighborhood after neighborhood, we got truly plain and ugly structures that lowered rather than lifted the neighborhood and, cumulatively, Dallas as a whole. Sad!Jim Rogers, East DallasDon't go with black toiletsRe: "Going in style? The No. 3 color in toilets gets mixed results from designers," Jan. 12 Arts & Life story.Don't do it! If you are considering getting a black toilet to be fashion-forward, forget about it! I have lived with black toilets (yes, two) and four black sinks for 14 years. Any splash of water, no matter how clean, will show a ring or spot when it dries. You have no idea how much toothpaste remains in a sink until you get a black sink. Also, any speck of dust, like from toilet paper, can be easily seen on the toilet or sink. Black toilets and sinks require constant wiping down with a dust-free cloth. Are they pretty? Yes, for five minutes after they are clean and polished. You're welcome.Lori Nanette Millner, Dallas/Oak Lawn  Continue reading...

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