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What, women can't fight back?Re: "Victim of assault faces felony mischief charge — Police say she admitted smashing window of assailant's pickup," Wednesday news story.I have a question concerning the beating of the woman by a Deep Ellum bartender and her being charged (briefly since it was quickly dropped) with a felony for breaking one of his car windows — after the attack. Does this mean a raped woman can be charged with a felony if she pokes out the eye of her rapist, moments after he rapes her? Andrew J. Hewett, DallasLeave time alone in TexasRe: "Voters could decide if it's time for no changes," Tuesday Metro & Business story.Texas Rep. Lyle Larson has proposed doing away with Daylight Saving Time. Excuse me, but what about those of us who like it the way it is? It seems that Larson feels as though he the smartest person in the room. He doesn't suggest a vote that would include keeping the status quo. I like longer days. But I also don't want schoolchildren waiting on buses in the dark. So ... guess what? There has been a compromise for years. Leave it alone, but if you put up options to vote on, include the status quo. It seems these guys who go to Austin often feel like they have to leave "their mark." Deal with the larger issues — school finance and property taxes.Richard Simpson, DallasDoes Plano need this?Re: "Lagoon added to $1B plan — 1 1/2-acre feature to flow at Collin Creek redevelopment," Wednesday news story.So, no actual Collin Creek in the redevelopment? Maybe they should change the name to Crystal Lagoon. Also I saw something about higher rents and nothing about affordable housing. Does Plano really need more unaffordable housing?Peggy Tucker, RichardsonBeer regulation reasonableI urge the Texas Legislature to show much caution and deeply study the bill that seeks to allow breweries to sell beer to go from their taprooms. We should never let the profit motive blind us to the fact that we are dealing in a product subject to abuse and should not therefore act with the freedom of other industries that sell toothpaste, soap or potatoes. Beer does alter behavior and must be regulated because it is a product of important social implications.The federal/state mandated three-tier system law helps government to monitor/collect taxes on beer and supports the moderation of beer consumption by controlling the avenues to market. These restrictive laws have been in place since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. The beer business is held to a more restrictive standard of legality than any other consumer product, and rightfully so.Douglas Strain, LakewayAct by the Spirit, not prejudiceRe: "Behind LGBTQ debate at church — Interpretation of Bible is too serious a matter to allow traditional views to remain uncontested," by George Mason, Sunday Points.Mason has rightly recognized the biggest current division in the church. I like John Wesley's quadrilateral for discerning God's will: Scripture, reason, tradition and experience. Add to that a 1627 tract proposing: unity in essential things; diversity in non-essential things; and charity in all things.I would challenge God's people to ask whether a divided church can stand. Where is the love for one another that is supposed to be the mark of Jesus' disciples? Is it any surprise that people outside the church see the hypocrisy and factions and don't join? Is it more important to be "right" about LGBTQ issues than to maintain the unity of relationships in Christ? At least Mason is a thinking Christian in a day when many who profess Christ have stopped thinking and become entrenched in their fears and prejudices. All of us have these, but we're called to courageously speak and act by the Spirit that moves where it will, not as our fears, biases or will dictate.Gary Looper, Downtown DallasTransitioned without regretsRe: "Transitioning to a kinder community? Impossible femininity standards underpin confusion about what it means to be transgender," by Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, Sunday Points.At first blush, this piece about transgender women being "confused" by society's unreasonable standards of femininity might seem sympathetic to transgender people. Herndon-De La Rosa gave an example of three people who de-transitioned while also pointing out that their support systems were apparently nonexistent. Counseling is ordinarily a recommended first step in helping someone understand who they are. Hormones and surgery come later, if at all. Informed consent is the rule.Yes, society does indeed have unreasonable standards for femininity and that can put trans-women in a no-win situation — either resisting society and just "being a woman" or succumbing to society's expectations and doing what is necessary to move more easily through this society and hear disapproval for having done so.Jumping into taking hormones or undertaking surgery because of something you read online is ill-advised. No one tried to sell me anything. I transitioned over six years ago and have no regrets whatsoever. I am in the majority.If you truly care about the transgender community, help us fight for employment and housing rights. Leslie McMurray, CoppellThanks for spring flowersGet your head out of the clouds, people always tell me during the spring. I find myself slowing down for no reason other than just to look at the flowers and blooming trees. Of course, the driver behind me honks. I even tripped over myself walking on a sidewalk in Uptown while looking at flowers.We only have a few weeks out of the year where we get to see the colorful leaves of a Japanese maple, the reddish tips on a photinia, wisteria vines that look and smell like grapes, redbud trees that have a vibrant purple color and those little white flowers on Bradford pear trees. I wish everybody in Dallas would take a chance and plant flowers, plants and trees. I want to say thank you to all the caring landscape gardeners in Dallas. My head might be in the clouds, but it's because of you — your landscapes make me smile.Ashley Barg, Dallas  Continue reading...

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