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Civics essay is right-onRe: "Civics class can save U.S. democracy — Here's how education can reduce polarization, information overload," Wednesday Viewpoints.This essay from University of Texas at Austin student Nicholas Romanow was marvelous for several reasons. First, this young man is right-on about the need for civics to be taught once again in our school systems. I'm 86 years old, so I grew up with lots of civics classes. Second, he tells me about the two bills in the Texas House, HB 3008 and 3009, and I'll write my congresswoman to support those. Third, Romanow proves the value of an excellent teacher to inspire for life. And fourth, he proves the value of our citizens with those "foreign-sounding names."Romanow represents the best that America has to offer, and I'm so grateful he is willing to share his brilliance with Texas. This state needs him. Thank you, Nicholas.Eulaine Hall, Northwest DallasBoeing is not in 'chaos'Re: "After crashes, CEO defends firm's safety — Investors challenge company's priorities at annual meeting," Tuesday Metro & Business story.The statement that Boeing is in "chaos" from major news sources is probably the most incredibly uninformed, outright stupid appraisal I have ever read. I know Boeing well. I have flown their airplanes since 1967 and have the utmost confidence every time I board one. The current issues with this control system will be addressed appropriately and correctly. As to why this occurred, the press needs to look no further than the training the individual airline companies worldwide invest in the pilot corps. No, Boeing does not typically supply the training; it's up to the airlines to accomplish this, and I might add, with oversight from a local government agency, like the Federal Aviation Administration. With new aircraft like the B-737 800 MAX, usually all systems are trained to pilot proficiency. In the recent two crashes, operating instruction was insufficient. I have flown many aircraft that have the "stick pusher" (nose down pressure) to help with stall recover. It is a tool we understand. It is a safety feature on many large aircraft. It would be helpful to get some reliable experts to discuss technical issues. Robert Ponti, Far North DallasBarr feeds republic's demiseRe: "Barr spars with Dems — Under attack, he defends his handling of Russia probe," Thursday news story.Well that was some display by Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday. Looks like President Donald Trump has found his new Roy Cohn. Deny! Obfuscate! Lie! Split hairs! A quadruple threat! Any reputation he had is gone, as well as any friendship with Robert Mueller. But not to be outdone were the Republicans. If they said Hillary Clinton once, they said it 100 times. It makes you want to yell, "Hey guys, she isn't president!" The hypocritical part is these are the same ones that yelled long and hard about Benghazi. And were more than willing to impeach Bill Clinton for something that wasn't even sex. Infuriating doesn't begin to cover it. They are under the impression we have a king and not a president. I believe we got rid of a king a long time ago. When the republic goes down the drain, history will not be kind to them. Trouble is the rest of us will go down the drain with them. If my mother were alive, she would have said, "Our ox is in a ditch!"Gaylard French, WaxahachieDive down to Paragraph 14Re: Accounts of report dismayed Mueller — In a letter, he complained that Barr's memo lacked context and substance," Wednesday news story.The reader of this front-page Washington Post reprint has to go 14 paragraphs deep before learning that special counsel Robert Mueller found no inaccuracies in Attorney General William Barr's four-page summary letter to Congress "but felt that the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation." The thinly redacted full report has since been released to the public and reveals the complete failure to find any Trump collusion with Russia but includes an attempt by Mueller to generate some doubt about President Donald Trump's obstruction of justice during the investigation. I read this is as Mueller complaining about the failure of his trumped-up obstruction narrative to take hold. He has to be extremely disappointed that his overlong and expensive attempt to thwart the Trump presidency has proven to be such a failure. It's obvious the lack of a crime became clear to him early in the process but he continued in desperation.If he genuinely wanted to find a crime all he had to do was look at Hillary Clinton's campaign collusion with Russia in producing the Steele dossier and the FBI's corruption of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.Paul Haney, Dallas/White RockWe already have citizenship processRe: "Why does U.S. fear immigrants? Leaders must make decisions based on science, serve as moral compass for the world," April 23 Viewpoints.This very sincere opinion piece makes no distinction between unauthorized immigrants and people who legally immigrate into the United States, while stating that "we should make decisions based on the best science and to serve as a moral compass to the world." Conflating the two groups is a standard tactic of the fans of open borders.One question asked in the column was "Does the United States need to provide a viable, permanent path to citizenship?" I submit that such a process currently does exist and is used by all legal immigrants.The column rightly states that "we do not need to vilify [immigrants]", a sentiment with which I agree, given the stipulation that you are an "immigrant" if and only if you follow American law in seeking immigration status. Climbing over fences, pushing through barriers and overwhelming border stations are not the acts of immigrants, but of those with zero regard for American law.I understand and sympathize with wanting a better life, but the facts are that no country can accept everyone who wants in; it is neither financially feasible nor morally required.Olan Knight Jr., Murphy  Continue reading...

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