Letters: Child Welfare in Texas, Marianne Williamson, National Debt, George Washington, MAD Magazine

If kids suffer, business will tooRe: "Three ways to help families flourish — Texas is No. 1 in business and No. 41 in child welfare. That's not sustainable," by Michelle Kinder, Thursday Viewpoints.This opinion piece by Michelle Kinder was excellent. She said she was using 2018 CNBC data. The 2019 CNBC data was released in another news item in that very same Dallas Morning News edition. It showed Texas is no longer No. 1 but No. 2 for business. Kinder was painfully right!How much more will the welfare of children in Texas have to fall, along with the business climate in Texas, before Texans see that investment in our children is required? They truly are our future!Bill R. Betzen, DallasNo fake news hereAnyone who subscribes to the idea that the media is fake news and fails to read The Dallas Morning News Sunday Viewpoints section of July 7 is missing out on an amazing display of excellent journalism. Regardless of one's politics or areas of interest in public life, the paper has provided writers of diverse backgrounds to inform us about the present and the past with unresolved challenges we continue to face, from race and health care to immigration and more. I salute the paper and its staff while reserving my right to criticize in the future. However, this section of journalism I choose to cherish. Fake news, indeed.Jerry Frankel, PlanoWilliamson is no jokeRe: "GOP love for guru is all for show — Entertainment fuels donations to keep Williamson in debates," July 5 news story.I have followed Marianne Williamson for 20 years. She has never claimed herself to be "Oprah's guru." She is integrous in her word and speaks from her heart. She wrote a book in 1997 called Healing the Soul of America. She was on to what was ailing this country long before the same claims she makes now in this campaign. She is intelligent, wise and an eloquent speaker. She is a wealth of knowledge when she teaches audiences about the history of America.We have many serious issues in this country, and she addresses them on her website: marianne2020.com. It is sad that Saul Anuzis and Jeff Roe need to have "a little campaign fun" and "seek ways to derail rival campaigns with dirty tricks." I strongly feel these men and the other GOP unethical contributors to her campaign have given Williamson carte blanche to continue her message and attract more voters. Unbeknownst to them, they will have the last laugh!Ellen Gosselin, LewisvilleAbout that laundry list ...During campaign speeches, candidates for political offices often cite a lengthy collection of diverse promises designed to appeal to the different interests of their audiences. In response, media analysts commonly refer to this motley assortment as a feel-good laundry list of possible future activity.Wait a minute. Have you folks ever made out a laundry list? A grocery list, yes, but a laundry list? Let's see. How would it go?Things to do today: 1. Wash bed sheets, towels, workout clothing and underwear. 2. Bring to cleaners office dresses, skirts and blouses.Hey, without a written list, one can be forgetful.Ed Kominski, WeatherfordNational debt ignoredI have followed politics for more than nine decades. I read the letters to the editor regularly and listen to political candidates closely to gain an understanding of the thinking of both groups on major issues.In this campaign cycle I have yet to hear or read any concern about our crushing and growing national debt of more that $21 trillion. The juvenile-acting Democratic presidential candidates are promising giveaways that are ludicrous. To be fair, the leadership of both political parties is guilty of not addressing the issue of our debt. And where is the media? Stunningly quiet when they should be leading the charge on the matter.Let's face it, our national debt will never be paid. The best we can hope for is to balance the budget and service our debt annually. In my opinion, uncontrolled debt is our biggest enemy, not Russia, China or climate change. Anyone for a balanced budget amendment?Carlton Moffett, Southwest DallasWhat if mural hues changed? The San Francisco school board is going to spend about $600,000 to paint over a historical artwork at a public school depicting the life of George Washington because the mural is seen as being racist and degrading of blacks and Native Americans. The mural contains images of white pioneers standing over the body of a Native American and slaves working in Washington's Mount Vernon estate in Virginia.What if the images showed Native Americans standing over the body of a white pioneer admiring the scalp they just removed off of a body? What if George Washington was black? What if the slaves were white? Would the mural still be deemed racist and degrading or as a historical piece of artwork? Just wondering ... what if?Kevin Loyd, Grand PrairieOld friend mournedRe: "MAD scaling back after 67-year run — As it leaves newsstands, satirical mag will mainly focus on its greatest hits," July 5 news story.I'm saddened that after nearly 70 years of being America's bible of satire, sarcasm and silliness, the iconic and trailblazing Mad magazine will cease publishing new editions and will publish only reprints. It is like an old friend has died.I looked forward to seeing the mischievous and ageless eternal child Alfred E. Neuman, with his gap-toothed, freckled face and sardonic grin on its covers, and its witty, humorous and highly original content inside, which cleverly attacked modern-day politics, society, culture, movies, TV programs and even advertisements through both words and pictures.The magazine was courageous and fearless, not afraid to poke fun at anything or anyone, as in its eyes nothing was sacred. Alfred's motto, "What, me worry?" was a calming influence, particularly in the turbulent times of the 1950s and 1960s.Kenneth L. Zimmerman, Huntington Beach, Calif.Words to lead U.S. byRegarding the Thursday "Laugh or Cry" Editorial cartoon, it was wonderful in demonstrating the impact the U.S. Women's World Cup team has had on so many children and in recruiting new fans. I hope their accomplishment may encourage children to play soccer or other any sport and leave their video games and cellphones at home. And the words of women's team co-captain Megan Rapinoe say it all: "Be more. Be better. Be bigger than what you've ever been before." I wish somehow these words would have impact on our U.S elected officials.John Wyckoff, Palmer  Continue reading...

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