Let's Hear the Investigation Results Before Dallas Animal Shelter Teams Up With Former ‘friends'

As it battles the loose-dog epidemic in southern Dallas, City Hall and its animal services operation aren't inclined to turn away high-quality helping hands.Especially when it comes to spay-neuter operations. While effective city dog-catchers and ticket-writers can most quickly produce results, reducing the "unaltered" animal population is the long-term big fix.So no doubt the city is carefully considering the Dallas Companion Animal Project's request to enter into an agreement to provide a small fraction of the needed surgeries.The dog advocates who make up DCAP include well-meaning individuals eager to help ease the public safety and quality-of-life crisis created by thousands of dogs roaming loose in southern Dallas.But good intentions can't obscure the fact that the nonprofit remains embroiled in criminal and administrative investigations related to its dealings with former shelter management.  Continue reading...

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