Let’s Look at What Drives Dallas-Fort Worth Motorists Batty

A 6-hour wait to renew a Texas driver's license? Paying to drop someone off at DFW International Airport? Watchdog Dave Lieber asks what are your Texas driving pet peeves?Do you have a driver's license? Do you drive at DFW? Do you get annoyed by certain driving pet peeves in Texas?Today, The Watchdog turns on the high beams to focus on two annoyances I keep hearing about from bellyaching readers.Why is DFW's passenger pickup charge so ridiculous? And why does it now take up to six hours to get service at Texas Department of Public Safety driver's license centers?DFW Airport driving chargeFrom my mailbag:"Dave, could you please explain to me why it cost $2 to pick up or drop off a passenger at DFW Airport? ... Like why not a cell-phone loitering lot?" - Ron C."It used to be $2 for entry/exit at the airport for 0-30 minutes. Now they have added a category to catch most drop-offs. Zero to eight minutes is now $4, while 8-30 minutes remains at $2. Heck, the $4 is even more than the 30 minutes to 2 hour rate of $3. Just seems like a blatant money grab to me." - Wade L."I contacted DFW guest relations and was told that they hear this complaint all the time.... If you are at the airport for any reason from 0-8 minutes, it's $4. Now Dave, isn't this kind of ridiculous?" - Carla S."If I zip in the north entry and drop my wife off, and I do it in less than eight minutes, they charge me $4, even if I exit the north exit, too. If I take between 8 and 30 minutes to do this, I'm only charged $2. But if I stay there two hours, I'm only charged $3. I realize this is small potatoes, but it's wrong to charge people to drop others off at DFW. It's one of those taxes we pay whereby we have no choice. They got us." - Greg H.See what smart readers The Watchdog has? They gather the facts, then ask the tough questions. All they want are answers. Turns out The Watchdog can offer that, plus the ultimate airport driving tip.But first, The Watchdog believes confusion comes from the way we are used to pricing. Short time costs less. The more time goes by, the higher the bill.Not at the airport. Once you pass through a toll booth, the pricing starts at $4, then as time passes, drops to $2. Then the cost goes up to $3 before it jumps to the $9 level. It's up, down, up like an airplane.  Continue reading...

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