Latina Artists in Dallas Showcase ‘were Told ‘no,’ and They Triumphed Anyway’

A new exhibition at the Latino Cultural Center in Dallas presents a diverse sampling of art with a decidedly feminine bent. “‘Diez Latinas’ is about the role of women in the world, Latina women in the world,” says curator Viola Delgado. The art in “Diez Latinas: One Common Thread” centers on abstraction, form and resilience.The works in the exhibition are full of energy and transformation, of duality, of covering and uncovering.Fabrics and the symbology of the dress are repeated themes. The feminine form emerges again and again as an abstract symbol in both paintings and sculptures. Many of the pieces in the show revel in a ritual of work and craft that reveals the hand of the artists. Delgado and the 10 Latina artists have given us something both accomplished and confident, soft yet powerful.This show is not Delgado’s first attempt to highlight the work of Latina women. In 2016, she curated “Cinco Latinas” featuring Ivonne Acero, Mayra Barraza, Sara Cardona, Leticia Huerta and María Teresa García Pedroche.   Continue reading...

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